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  1. On Linux, using the open source drivers with a Radeon HD 3870 video card, all video options disabled (shadows, antialiasing, v-sync, etc.): - The videos that play back will play fine for a few seconds, then drop to just a couple of FPS, then play fine for another few seconds, then drop FPS again, back an forth - The faces of Eddie and Ophelia have some corruption (missing textures? corrupt shadows? shader problems?) which changes as the faces animate (the corruption isn't static); see attached image - very inconsistent frame rate; it will play very well for a few minutes, but then I swing the camera over to a new area or I move Eddie into a new area and the frame rate drops for a few seconds, but after a bit comes right back to a playable frame rate. I have a feeling that this is just a problem with the open source driver though. Please don't just think I'm just complaining here... I'm thrilled to see such an amazing game brought to Linux. Huge thanks to everyone at DF!
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