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  1. The Divide has a nice ring to it. Maybe something like Beyond could work, too. I like that word, since it can refer to a lot very easily. Beyond the ravine, beyond the characters' set roles, beyond the limits, it even evokes the mysterious worlds the characters travel through (especially space. That place is way beyond). It can be used in many variations for a good simple title (and I think the game sort of begs a general, simple and mysterious title). Beyond What Lies Beyond From Beyond Beyoncé Beyond the Divide
  2. Is that how we were supposed to be popular? Damn. I kept doodling on my smokables and smoking my sketchables.
  3. I think we should act to keep these somewhat private. No actively going out and spoiling everything. Things will leak anyways, and that's fine. 80,000+ future owners of the game already have the leaks so it's not a problem if they get out, but it would be nice to at least try not to spoil every little step of the game. Keep things as semi-professional as a ragtag team of tens of thousands of unacquainted civilians of varying levels of professionalism can.
  4. Hungryfreak

    Voice acting

    It may make less sense to appeal to the overall market, but as a person who loves games as art, I would be willing to shell out an extra five clams for increased quality.
  5. I love this I love this I love this I love this. Did I mention that I love this?
  6. Grunge isn't my favorite by any stretch, but that's no reason for me to tolerate musical ignorance. What ears are you wearing man. Do you think all Beatles songs sound the same because they've got the same people playing on each song? You have to be in denial to think like that. Hey, man! John Coltrane totally ripped the chord progression from that Sound of Music song! Soooooooo generic! There's no way you can make variations on the same sound. That's why there's only one good band per genre. Oh, and Lester Young plays the same instrument as Coleman Hawkins so they sound the same! He's such a rip off! Dude, I mostly like your taste in music and you as a poster, but if you're not going to give any given genre its due respect, I'm going to call you out on it. Grunge isn't a bunch of kids trying to be punk or metal. They draw from the influences and make their own statement. Prog rock doesn't outdo jazz or classical at their own games, does it? It just stands as something else. Maybe ELP's "Take a Pebble" isn't the next Beethoven concerto, but does it need to be?
  7. What does grunge even try to do besides be itself? It doesn't want to be anything, it just is. And what's all of this stuff about grunge being generic? Try finding something outside of grunge that came before grunge, didn't influence grunge and sounds like grunge. And, yup. tone. One . Just because you turned on the radio and heard it cycle through Lithium, Alive and Black Hole Sun consistently doesn't mean you know all of grunge.
  8. I have listened to enough grunge to basically form this opinion: it takes lots of elements from from punk, tunes down the aggression and adds some hard rock and gothic elements to it. In taking out the aggression from punk, they take out the only part of punk that I thought gave punk any merit at all. The way I see it in musical terms punk was born out of people thinking that the rock genre had become too overambitious and too over the top musically, coupled with people being genuinely pissed off at the politics at the time. And grunge was somewhat that same kind of retaliation, only towards the metal and hard rock side (I think mostly because the the 80s hair metal fiasco) the only problem was that there was no real aggression, and no real intensity in the songs themselves (the intensity is solely in the interpretations of the songs, which is terrible from a musical standpoint but understandable in an artistic way). Think about it this way, there might be aggression in grunge, but that aspect is trumped by multiple genres (early punk, thrash metal, death metal, black metal) There is rebellion which is trumped by early punk and even early rappers There is the depression side which is better done through doom metal and the blues My main point is that grunge tries to outdo what was already done, but lacks the inspiration to achieve anything more than second best at pretty much everything. I mean, there are some genres I hate too much to stand (like rap/hip-hop, black metal or punk) but I can understand what they try and change in the old formulas to keep things fresh, and feel they actually achieve it. And other genres I hate that I see no point in, and don't achieve anything other than rehashing old ideas in not very successful ways. Emotions have many depths, you know. Anger isn't only exemplified by the greatest Slayer songs and sadness isn't only illustrated by the most depressing Mountain Goats tunes. You're right. A lot of grunge is restrained emotionally, but that's a lot of the point. Haven't you ever felt that? The hatred burning inside only to fizzle out, drowned by a sea of apathy? A lot of grunge is very suffocating and frustrating and for that, I love it. Not everything is about extremes.
  9. How about Probot? They make for some ridiculous 6 degrees of separation from Dave Grohl.
  10. I can tell you have not listened to much grunge at all. It's ambiguously defined enough that your reaction cannot apply to all of it. At its core, grunge is based on sound. I would say the most 'true' grunge sound would be along these lines. The key to understanding grunge, in my mind, really is Nirvana. I don't say that lightly, either. There's no question that they were at the center of it. They worked off of the Melvins' sound to shape grunge into a force of its own and then, as they applied other influences (especially, the Pixies), they transformed it into what we know as grunge today (the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" sort of sound). Therefore, grunge can sound like or or .Grunge, like any other genre, though, still displays a large range of emotions. While angst is certainly there, I think that it more often illustrates the emotions that make it up. There's a lot of raw anger, fatigue, depression and there's also a hugely cathartic and rebellious side. Thanks to the transformations it underwent, there's a very calm and light side to it in opposition to the original, raw and heavy sound. These are just basics, of course. I haven't looked too deeply into grunge, yet.
  11. I made a post-modern comic. Every page is blank, but don't worry, it's better than Bleach.
  12. Though mostly cliche, I've got to respect the Kruppa and Rich love. Insomnia wins, though with George Hurley. That guy's among my favorites for his freedom and style. My favorite's still Steve Flynn, though. Want proof? Check the new Atheist song I posted. Also, thinking of jazz drummers, Blakey and Roach are up there for me, too. Man, I didn't realize Agalloch was releasing anything new until half a week ago.
  13. Apparently this was released at the beginning of the month, and I feel ashamed for discovering it so late, but Atheist released one of the songs off of their new album! Second to Sun is it's name and it disintegrated any doubts I had about this first album in 17 years.
  14. I believe it was Colonel Mustard who loved Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the Candlestick... Wait...
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