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  1. Oooo the level transforming into what the composer is imagining is a super cool idea. Kinda like a playable Fantasia, playing through your interpretation of the music.
  2. We just started talking to our daughter about what to expect when her period comes. She loves video games and it'd be cool to show her this as a companion to the conversations we're already having with her. Hope it gets chosen!
  3. I really like the idea for this game. I imagine playing through the music like the dude in Comix Zone played through comics. Also the soundtrack would be great right away.
  4. Been playing No Man's Sky again. Really got back into it. Base building is fun.
  5. I did get a tracking number shortly after I ordered the Blu-ray but it never updated, even though I got the Blu-ray in the mail yesterday.
  6. BTW I'm pleasantly surprised by how much art is on the data disc! This stuff is great!
  7. It's here!!! Thank you so much 2PP/DoubleFine crew!
  8. Is Fangamer going to wait until after they've sent out all the big box blu-rays to send out the regular blu-rays that just went on sale? If so I'd totally understand, backers should get their rewards first, was just wondering. (man I really wish I would have had enough cash to back at a higher level during the Kickstarer, those backer boxes look so cool!)
  9. Just bought the Blu-ray! SO EXCITED! Really been looking forward to watching the whole thing again. Thanks for all the work you put in this.
  10. Wish I lived closer! One of these days I'm going. Looks like such an amazing time.
  11. I love this. It's one of my favorite art pieces from Octavi Navarro (http://pixelshuh.tumblr.com/) who was recently added to the Thimbleweed Park art team.
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