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  1. That's what the blue goo is for.
  2. I like to think of it as catnip for raiders.
  3. Spin off game: DF-9 Adventures! Play a hapless technician who has to race across miles of station to fix failing equipment! Be a janitor responsible for getting all those dead security officers out of the airlock! Be a security agent who is incapable of opening doors! The possibilities are endless!
  4. I'm very interested in seeing how reactors change the dynamic of the game although I'm terrified of another crucial piece of machinery that my technicians will ignore.
  5. Truth http://www.somethingawful.com/news/blue-stripe-life-4/ (Warning! Adult language used very immaturely!)
  6. Look, if I felt that I in good conscience could cram in a Babylon 5 reference, I would.
  7. Since the Room Pool gave us some interesting insights, I figured I'd try it again with crew types
  8. Wow. We have at least one Enterprise fan who actually voted for the Blue Goo room. Well done.
  9. Ooh! I like the idea of a Docking Bay or Beacon which unlocks visits from friendly (for now) NPCs to temporarily dock and come in and interact with the crew. Hopefully their ship won't graft onto the space station and become absorbed into the whole. Might get us a bad Yelp review.
  10. It felt like machinery was getting repaired after getting to 0% on their own but I just had a massive asphyxiation-off and noticed that only a few of my Life Support systems were working. The rest were at 0% and no-one showed signs of working on them. Hard to say if techs were just too spread out across my mega-station or if I was misreading the situation and I still need to watch for when my machines go offline so I can destroy and replace them. Game just crashed anyway so I guess that is that. Died at 9118.5 with a standing crew of 13 un-renamable souls. Their memory will be honoured.
  11. LtKessler

    Room ideas

    Very Babylon 5. Wasn't there also a race that ate dead bodies? Might help our floating corpse trouble.
  12. Outpost! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outpost_(video_game)
  13. Maybe if someone keeps screwing up and destroying things, they automatically get reassigned to a new class, "Manager"
  14. I think we all know that Holosuite is a euphemism. Wink. Actually, what was that '90s sci-fi colony building game where red light districts would start to pop up if you weren't careful? Settlement? Colony? Something like that...
  15. Thought I'd get an idea what folks are most interested in seeing next.
  16. Oh? Even destroyed machinery? Because I've had destroyed refineries just sitting at 0 for ages and never saw the percentage go back up. I assumed that once they were destroyed, they needed replacing. Will have to pay closer attention.
  17. LtKessler


    I've been having fun renaming my crew with ranks in front of them although this makes it all the more tragic when they die (usually stupidly) but I would love to see something like that worked into the game itself if for no other reason than colour although I suppose that might eliminate the egalitarian quality. Perhaps naming one person Captain and being able to direct their actions with a little more directness than the other crew or giving them some bonuses at the threat of making them a bigger target for raiders. I would eventually love to see something like "Dungeon Keeper's" Posses Minion spell but that is fodder for another thread...
  18. Hey folks, I thought I would see what folks' thoughts are concerning broken down Life Support and Refinery equipment. I find myself humming along at full speed and then hovering my mouse over an item only to discover that it has been destroyed and is just sitting there. Presumably techs aren't capable of repairing destroyed machines but I feel some sort of alert system would be useful so that I'm not just hovering continuously in a paranoid fashion. There is a slight sprite change but I find it's a touch subtle although perhaps other players are less obtuse. Also, being able to double click or something to auto-repair might be preferable to having to go into the construction menu twice to slate it for destruction and then build a brand new machinery. Unless I'm missing something. Thanks!
  19. LtKessler

    Room ideas

    A morgue or crematorium or somewhere to store these terrible bodies that only serve to remind me of my failures! As the game progresses, I would love to see some kind of laboratory for technological advancement or to research artifacts found out in the Void. Also, some sort of Command centre might be interesting although I'm not entirely certain what function it could serve. Maybe crew assigned to it begin to develop unique quirks to set them apart.
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