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  1. Technically, he's using the British spelling of "colour" which is still correct but not really used in the USA. But really, everything that you've all done is just so amazing! And multi-platform to boot!
  2. Technically, he's using the British spelling of "colour" which is still correct but not really used in the USA. But really, everything that you've all done is just so amazing! And multi-platform to boot!
  3. I'm constantly impressed with how great this game looks, even better every day! Go Bad Golf! Also, look: you're famous! IGN: Double Fine Fans Developing Rejected Amnesia Fortnight Prototype
  4. It's not quite as obscure as many of the games listed here, but you should play The Stanley Parable! Either the demo, or the full game, or both. Here is a video that may or may not help to explain the game to you: Also, Little Inferno was both weird and awesome. Here's a trailer:
  5. I just want to clarify that I'm running on a Macbook as well, OS 10.9.1, and that when this happens the inventory does open up, and my character starts moving to where I had clicked (meaning whatever the + button to open the inventory was). So in those areas, when I click that button, the inventory opens up and my character starts moving at the same time. So it's not walking instead of inventory, it's that they both happen concurrently when just clicking once.
  6. I've had the same issue. It seems to happen in larger areas, when the inventory button overlaps over areas that we can walk. It also happened to me in M'ggie's area, for example, and I found it rather annoying. I eventually tried using the I key for inventory, but I'd much prefer if clicking on that inventory button didn't also make my character walk off screen, often into another area. I vaguely recall it also happening when I was just clicking on items to hear Vella talk about them.
  7. Oh wow, would you please stop there and give us some time to catch up ! Duder, I totally caught up! TRUE LIES!!! I can see that this is clearly a fake as it is saying "Amnesia Fornight 2012" and not Fortnight! Snap! Damn it! Something must be wrong with my early build version?! Or my new MSPaint controller has a driver issue? After I read this, I realized that ALL of the screenshots have spelled "Fornight", and not Fortnight. It seems a typo found its way into the credits
  8. I have to say, Amnesia Fortnight has been a fantastic experience overall. I've got a Mac, so while I won't be able to play the prototypes myself, I've seen from the streams and the fantastic 2PP videos just how wonderfully they all turned out, and I wish they could ALL be made into "real" games! I was in it to watch the development process, and it was a better experience than I could have ever imagined! One of the best parts has been seeing just how inspiring this has been to other fans in the forums. From the Love Letters to the fan-made art of both the games and the people who helped make them, to the people doing everything from putting their own ideas out there for the different games or even making a list of the kinds of software they observed DF using to make the games, it has all been wonderful. Though even better was scrolling down through a thread and seeing that little colored Double Fine that meant one of the wonderful people at DF had responded to a post. It all just helped show that real sense of a community that this whole event has not just built up, but firmly cemented in the minds of so many who participated or even just watched and cheered on from wherever they would check the updates. To sum it up... I really hope you all do this again next year.
  9. Autonomous is looking really great, as are all the others, but for the poll I'm going with Spacebase. Out of the top 5, it was the game that seemed the least interesting to me, but now that I've actually seen some of the ideas and concepts in action (or at least put out there in the videos) I have to say I'm really excited to see where it's going, and how much they'll be able to get in by the end of the Fortnight.
  10. Here's some more that haven't been mentioned: Shantae Amy Castlevania: Legends And I'll throw in Skullgirls, in which all of the playable characters are female.
  11. I know it's late in the year, and people's wallets are crying out for the great holiday shopping surge to come, but here's a kickstarter I think you should all hear about if you have any interest in experimental or indie games. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lagamespace/la-game-space-a-place-for-re-imagining-video-games LA Game Space is a kickstarter to form a non-profit studio to foster the development of independent and experimental games, and to give creators of all kinds the ability and access to make games that nobody had ever even thought of before, or at least never thought possible. For just $5, you can back the project and get an experimental game from the creator of Katamari Damacy. For $15, you get a collection of 30-- yes, 30-- experimental games from various developers, including Pen Ward of Adventure Time fame, and the creators of games such as the Bit.Trip. games, Hotline Miami, The Unfinished Swan, QWOP, and many more. In addition, they just added an additional 5 already-released indie games to the $15 tier, so at the moment, that's 36 games total (Or even more, depending on if you consider The Basement Collection to be one game or its own collection of short games...) The games all work on Mac and PC, and most will work on Linux. They've got less than two weeks left to get to their goal. Spread the word!
  12. - Tim Schafer's notebook, running through the free-writing. - A Rock and Roll concert audience. Just imagine the room so crowded with people you can't stand, moving around by walking on the heads of the people in the audience. - The "sky" as projected in a planetarium. - An extremely isolated workaholic society on the holiest day of the week: Casual Friday. - A world where all inanimate objects are able to talk. They especially like to talk when they are trapped in small, dark places, such as a pocket... - A world where a single day is repeated over and over. First, the residents go through the day, then at midnight, they go through the same day reversed until they hit the previous midnight (similar to Braid's rewind function), then start the same day anew, etc. - An anime/sci-fi convention. - A pet cemetery. - A computer's desktop, walking in the wallpaper background and interacting with the various icons on the screen. - An ocean of jello, from a ship that sunk carrying a huge load of powdered jello. - The world of goldfish that get flushed down the toilet. - An ice cream factory (aka ice level).
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