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  1. The problem was that I did not listen to the spoon. Always listen to the spoon.
  2. Then I can't take a hint The only possibility for a clue I see is the picture, but nothing in there looks like a solution. On the plus side, the puzzles are much harder than in act 1.
  3. If that hint is not in the control room, them I'm screwed.
  4. Actually, I was missing a part an Shane's side. But I figured it out. Now if I could only find a clue on that wiring issue it would be great.
  5. I'm also stuck on the nav scarf puzzle. I thought there was a clue about that on Shay's side, but it doesn't look like.
  6. Are you talking about the movie 9 or the game 9?
  7. Can't wait for mine to finally get shipped. It has been a while since they requested an address confirmation, but the shop still says "unfulfilled".
  8. In 5 days it will be 4 months since I ordered it. Time for a celebration. Tim, if it's too difficult to sign your whole name on the book, I'd settle with "Mr. T" if that speeds things up.
  9. I've got the same issue: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=129858128 The map screen doesn't look nice in general.
  10. Everybody had jobs and there was plenty of room and I was expanding rapidly, still morale dropped to zero and people stopped responding. ... dangers that lurk the the deep darkness of space? Haven't found that stuff yet, guess I will need to spend some more time
  11. Messing with autonomous robots can sometimes result in awesome moments. Describe the great moments you experienced in this thread. My greatest moment was a blind suicide bot. There was this dead-end ally that had a head at the end, but in front of it was a bot with a huge hammer as only weapon. I really needed a proper head, so I decided to spring past the bot, pick up the head and sprint back. When I passed the bot it activated due to the noise I was making. Instead of charging me it ran into the wall and smashed his hammer like weapon is such a way that it destroyed itself. \o/ Sadly both heads were rather useless for me. The head I found was a guardian head and could also turn around. The head of the bot that committed suide could only react to sound.
  12. When my inhabitants reach 0 morale they get stuck and won't budge. This is a huge drag as the number of active people starts dropping due to meteor attacks. Does anyone have some hints to "fix" this? (btw, during one of my earlier games everybody was murdered, yes everybody )
  13. I decrypted the book and left the room to the left instead of going between the pillars. When I return to the decrypting room nothing happens when I walk between the pillars. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
  14. Autonomous The pitch had me at "80s inspired futuristic" at the background music and Tron'esque/wireframe concept art. So, it mostly sold me on the style of the game. The game concept was just icing on the cake. I really love exploration in games, and saddened that most modern games don't include that. So being able to explore a strange and new world made this idea even better. The idea of building autonomous robots that help you (or not) also sounds very intriguing. Some of my favorite scifi movies from the 80s are Tron and Electric Dreams, so how can I not vote for this one. The White Birch & Black Lake To me these pitches are quite similar, they both seem to offer an action/adventure game filled with exploration and mystery. I can't get enough of that stuff (and supply is rather low). Spacebase DF9 Because I wanted to vote for 4 games, and this was the best of what remained. The primary reason why I voted for this one is: JP. This primarily due to his contributions to the IdleThumbs videocasts where he played Bioshock 1 (and his Doom de-make of Acadia) and the original X-Com. Listing him talk almost non-stop on the design of the various game mechanics makes me confident that Spacebase DF9 can contain well thought out game mechanics.
  15. Great stuff DFCamdensound. Really looking forward to hear more of this, and of course see it in action with the game. There are quite some indie games coming lately with awesome music like this. Probably the best example would be Scattle's music for Hotline Miami.
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