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  1. It has been done in other games, so it is possible from a technical aspect. Whether or not it is financially feasible compared to alternatives is a different question, and probably the one you mean. Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force is a game that comes to mind with automatic lip sync animations. Since the characters are animated, rather than high resolution realistic style, there is a lot less involved to lip syncing. Usually, it's little more than opening or closing the mouth with small touches on the eyes. A game that uses high definition realistic faces would have to deal with the subtle details of the lips, cheeks, and jaw based on the sound being made. I would be interested to know how Double Fine has done lip syncing in their earlier games.
  2. Reading through the post on the animation differences between facial and skeletal, a cool idea came to me. It's not something I have noticed in adventure games, but it would be cool if there was facial interaction with the world while moving. As an example, while walking through the forest from one screen to another with nothing going on, if the character's head was turning looking at the leaves on the trees, perhaps spotting a bird's nest. You can have a bird fly through the forest, and initially the character's eyes track it, and as the bird flies by the head is turned to follow it for a bit until returning to look forward to focus on walking. It would also be so appropriate for a lumberjack to be whistling while walking through the woods. I know the real character won't be a lumberjack, but hopefully it gives some cool ideas. An point & click adventure game has traditionally been about interacting with a static environment, but there's no reason it can't evolve into interacting with a more active environment that feels alive. Aside from background events that are reacted to, an active form would be if the head and eyes followed the mouse cursor so as to demonstrate that you are controlling what the character is paying attention to. It would be fun if the player were to leave the mouse untouched and unmoving for a few seconds if the character looked like they were getting bored and they started looking around the screen. It can even create a subtle hint system where the characters head will occasionally glance in the direction of something that can be interacted with, perhaps with an inquisitive expression
  3. Super Private within Reason. There will be a lot of back and forth and changes happening during development, with both the ups & downs being hard to hide from us. Linux Kernel dev is very open, and as soon as there's the slightest disagreement it becomes blown out of proportion and made into headlines all over the internet. I think members of the forum should be asked to treat the info here with some respect as if it was under NDA, but that short of someone actually creating a live mirror of the backer forums it won't be enforced. There will be many backers who are excited about the project and will want to be spreading positive info about the development. "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." - Oscar Wilde
  4. Of all the adventure games I've played, only the music from the Monkey Island series has stuck with me.
  5. 1% of them will be utterly disappointed in anything and will complain to no end. This would be 870 backers. Only a small portion of them will bother with the forums, but the ones that do would be quite persistent. I also believe that the team leaders behind this project have enough experience in the field to be able to filter on their own the good ideas from the bad ones that come in over the forum and stay true to their goals. I'm a realist. I did make an investment based primarily on the name & reputation of Tim Schaffer and Ron Gilbert. Of the Double Fine game, the only one I have played was Brutal Legend and I found it to be a fun diversion. I consider my investment to have been a low risk one with a high chance of producing an outcome of greater value than I spent, but like all gambles, I only put at risk money I was willing to lose. As was said in the introduction video, if it does fail, I only hope that it will be a failure spectacular enough to entertain me for my money's worth For me, the best & most "profitable" result from my investment would be if this project became a big enough success as to drive future adventure games from Double Fine.
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