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  1. Well would you look at that! Alright, yeah I'll look deeper into reported bugs before I post anything I see, looks like I'm a bit behind in the game. But thanks bud, happy bug hunting, oh and enjoy playing an awesome game!
  2. This is a video of what seems to happen. Not sure if coming down is a bug, just looks odd and twitchy. It's private to the link, don't worry. http://youtu.be/q3gUdDuEaD8
  3. When accessing the ladder to climb up, Vella seems to glitch through the ladders layer momentarily. I didn't notice it the first time, but after talking to the man hanging by his underwear, I had noticed it after trying to reenact another glitch that I'll post a screenshot in the following post. This screenshot that is attached was seen after the first glitch. System Specs "Windows 7 64-bit, HP p6310y, AMD Athlon II X4 360 Processor 2.80 GHz, 6GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT 220"
  4. This is a cry for help on how to change your address that I put in at the beginning of the year so I could receive my additional Broken Age backer gifts (Blu-Ray Doc, etc) to my new home. Could anyone lend a hand in directing me to the nearest help? I would be so kindly thankful of your assistance.
  5. I love putting faces behind the voice, always surprises me what they look like. Jack's face through the window... Hahaha! Please, more footage.
  6. Keep making animal icons after every German translation, and I might just play the game in German instead of English all together.
  7. I couldn't see why anyone would be upset for this team making certain decisions on getting the game out to fans... I say do what you have to, as long as the cameras are set to record, and I'm part of it, you have my wholesome support. Anything I see from DoubleFine just makes me want to start creating things...
  8. I bet it isnt crap its just every time i try and use it, it will NOT! work for some resson, i do appreciate what the great fans have done to help people with the scumm games but it hasnt helped me at all and im just upset that each time i want to play these old games i have to go to my cusines. Im also mad cause i cant buy the games coming out on steam i have no money at all, so sorry about sayn that stuff i didnt meen. LOL dose anyone remember the story that Tim Schafer said about the earthquake and the frige fell on top of him and he opend up the freezer and found someones chease steak tv dinner in the back with frozen over ice and he had to live on them untill someone found him and when they did one of the employes asked around doublefine who ate my tv dinner. That was the best story.
  9. Ya i get what you mean no proublem. Tim Schafers name is on the box of Full Throttle so i would say he dose have a little control of what they do with it. Im just mad if they dont use Full Throttle, because i grew up with that game and they say nothing about redoing that game so i can finally play it on my pc instead of going through that scummvm crap just to play it.
  10. Why do you come to this forum just to tell me to use periods?..................................
  11. I have read so much of the classic games that are coming out but where is Full throttle that is my favorite game but where is it, they do have something about Grim Fandango that it will maybe come out if Secret of monkey island dose well but Tim Schafer if you are listening please put in a good word about Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, please everyone who is with me?
  12. What would be cool is if Double Fine would put some Gone Jackals music into Brutal Legend like they did for Full throutell, it would just be cool becuse they are a great band.
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