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  1. Extremely disappointed with Act 1

    I kind of loved the game. Obviously I would have loved to get the whole thing because it feels like you have finished it as soon as you start it but I was expecting that. Yes the puzzles could have been a little harder. I definitely think the dialogue gave away too many tips or at least the tips it did give away were FAR too blunt but the story and the whimsical style just completely won me over. I thought it was fun and funny and a little bit thought provoking. For $15 how can I complain?
  2. Nature vs Nurture

    I like the idea of nature being a stronger force in this game. You always train warriors in games. I am really interested in the concept of breeding them.
  3. how big will playtesting play in the development

    I would be much more inclined to play this in beta than I am with Broken Age as it is designed with replay value in mind. Edited: Spelling.
  4. :D (Smiles for Brad and the Massive Chalice team!)

    http://www.singleserve.me/IsBradMuirSmiling It must be true... I read it on the internet.
  5. Massive Chalice and same sex couples

    As a Maltese man I think this could really add some complexity and realism to the game. Picture this, every time a skirmish breaks out you roll a D6 and whatever it lands on my Nunna comes out and smacks me that many times for not helping my mum around the house more. Mmm... immersive.
  6. Massive Chalice and same sex couples

    I think the biggest thing is that no matter what you do, if you have same sex couples in the game it is going to appear to be a political statement. That might not be the intent but that is how it will appear to a lot (I would guess the majority) of people. This raises issues beyond the original intent of the idea itself. e.g. If you are making a political statement (whether or not it is intentional) then you split the focus of the team. Where as originally everyone was focused on making a great game, now they are focused on making a great game, managing a political statement and trying not to offend anyone. I think this is what most people are afraid of. I know it was my major concern. The thing to remember is that this is Double Fine we are dealing with. Making great games is something we all know they can and trust they will do. That's why we give them our $$ on Kickstarter before even seeing a fully formed game idea. Maybe they will have same sex couples, maybe they won't. Whatever they do I'm sure will something everyone can enjoy.
  7. :D (Smiles for Brad and the Massive Chalice team!)

    Is it just me or does Brad seem to have the face that never frowns?
  8. Massive Chalice and same sex couples

    OK so I went back and read the first page or so and I have read up to Brad's reply as you suggested and I love the idea of fostering out kids or couples spending time on tech rather than breeding because it's a fundamental game element. If that's the case then not having gay couples could easily detract from the game play so I'm all for it. I just want it to be about the game mechanics first and all that other just fits in around it. Unless of course the intent is to make a political statement in which case great but that's a very different conversation.
  9. Massive Chalice and same sex couples

    I'm sorry if my bluntness (bluntness) offended you. I really don't want to start an arguement on what otherwise seems like a productive thread. I didn't mean tl;dr because I couldn't be bothered. I'm at work so I literally can't take the amount of time it would take to read every post. (I shouldn't even be posting this.) I started on the last page and hoped for the best. How do you cherry pick which posts to read? Anyway, if you have a good way to incorporate gay couples into the game that I have missed and that doesn't add "Sims-like" qualities to the game play then great and I'm sorry I wasted your time with my 2 cents.
  10. Massive Chalice and same sex couples

    This thread has become a big tl;dr for someone coming in as late as I am so I don't know if someone has already made this point but I think having gay couples in the game gives sex and relationships to much emphasis in the game. This isn't the Sims (at least I hope it isn't) and isn't about making a happy family. It's about humans creating epic bloodlines. I think sex and relationships will be (and should be) left out of the game as much as possible. Unless gay couples can enhance the game mechanics why do we need them? To be honest, if there were some way to remove straight couples from the game I think that would be for the best but the truth of the matter it is pretty much a necessity. At least I can't think of a way around it. I would prefer it if any and all forms of sex, love and relationships were kept out of the game as much as possible. Let's just keep it about war tactics. That's just my thoughts.
  11. To The Moon

    I just finished playing it. Game play is basically non-existent but wow the story is brilliant. So worth the $10. I will be interested to see if the 2nd game can match it. It will have a tough job.
  12. Jump start on Justice?!?!?

    I think that is the single most common comment I've seen about MMoJ. I don't honestly know the answer, but you can bet I will be talking about it with the team. My guess it will depend on a number of factors, and that the most important one of those will be how well MMoJ does on iOS. We definitely want to be on Android! We are focusing on the iOS release out of the gate, but I definitely want MMoJ to be on as many platforms as possible. Just remember, Windows Phones will one day rule the world.
  13. Jump start on Justice?!?!?

    I am so cut that I missed it.
  14. To The Moon

    Well I'm sold. If the game is as good as you guys say the trailer really doesn't do it justice.
  15. I love the boy/girl idea. It sounds great. I think a coming of age story will be able to invoke the nostalgia theme without having to rely on old game techniques because it is already a nostalgic topic for so many people.