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  1. An idea that was brought up on twitter: A young hero (before coming to age?) has decided they do not want to fight - they want to pursue a life outside of the war. What should we do? - Force them to continue training as a soldier (Keep the hero, but chance they will get a "jaded"-type personality) - Join the Stonemason's Guild (Lose the Hero, Strength-based roll to gain a bonus to construction speed for next building) - Join the HornBlower's Guild (Lose hero, Intelligence-Based roll to gain bonus XP in next battle) - Join the Farmer's Guild (Lose hero, Dexterity-Based roll to gain increased chance for births for a period of time) You might be able to expand this to a multi-part event by having a step of "The hero is enjoying/not enjoying this job, stick with it or back to the barracks?"
  2. So I had a meeting with Brad the other day regarding the hero classes and I don't want to speak too soon, but I managed to convince him to add bards to the game
  3. A Musical idea for your consideration; With the hero classes shaping together as they are, each of their primary weapons represents a different form of instrument that could be used. The Vanguard's tuning fork/whistle sword is easy enough, but think also of the CaberJack using hollowed logs for percussion, The Arbelist's strings used for a bass string instrument, and the Alchemist using bottles as a wind instrument. This kind of approach would offer a variety of instruments and possible sounds while keeping the music seemingly "in-world" as if crafted by the heroes and their families.
  4. I would once again like to point out that until we have word on the tone of the game, accounting for realistic battle tactics means little in a world where you can be punched out of time.
  5. There is one thing that this discussion has brought up that I feel is more important than just "Should this game have bards?" I feel that the more pressing question is "What is the tone of Massive Chalice?" We have seen here a wide range of opinions on bards, including how they are too silly, how they would make sense in historical context, and even demon bards or guitar-wielding rock stars. It is difficult for me to judge the validity of these ideas without knowing what the set tone of the game is. A humorous game could easily incorporate the "spoony bard" archetype, but that same character type would be completely out of place in a game that takes a more serious tone. Brutal Legend combined "Epic" and Humor to have demon-slaying guitar riffs. If Brutal Legend was played straight-faced, would Killmaster or Lars be out of place? It gets confusing when we hear a warrior/mage can punch someone out of time, but a class that sings is TOO SILLY. We may have to table this discussion until we the community understand what the boundaries are in terms of game play design, world building and tone.
  6. I'm going to echo the sentiments of Runeologic here; the classes that have been presented so far have a primary focus on damage and the skills we have seen are either optional self-support (warrior's stone skin) or optional other support (mage's heal). A support-focused class (not necessarily a bard) could increase the number of tactical options. I will cite and examine XCOM as an example with their Support class. The support is initialized with an area of effect buff which can be used both defensively (to protect team mates in danger who have used their turn) or offensively (to protect against overwatch while moving between cover). As they develop, they can either become expert medics or give them additional abilities to control the flow of combat with improved overwatch and rifle suppression. Depending on your run, you may only encounter few support class soldiers which will certainty be made into medics, but the intention was clearly that the Support could also be used lock-down and punish enemies to give you a tactical upper-hand. A Case/treatment of the Bard would be as such; A Bard/Skald represents the tactician, someone who studies history, legends and legacies to know how a battle will play out and how to change the tide. They stand with the archers pointing out weaknesses in armor, with the mage to find ley lines, with the warrior to to inspire and with the rouge to be a loud distraction. They are not in battle for personal glory, they are more concerned with the greater war, and the legacies that are intertwined with it. For class combinations: A Warrior-Bard is an intelligent fighter who can force enemies to focus on him or her. The Mage-Bard infuses their songs and tales with magic inspiring and uplifting their allies. The Archer-Bard is a swift guerrilla fighter, harassing the enemy from range, gathering intel through the fog of war, and marking the choice targets. The Rouge-Bard is clever and devious, using stealth and skulduggery to hamstring, poison, and cripple their foes.
  7. That is correct. The topic can be found here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/9927/
  8. Here are some of my off the cuff ideas: Natural Leader - gains affinity with heroes easier Gifted Tutor - Passes along more/increase strength skills/abilities to children in Keep Fertile/Virile - Higher chance to produce children Tactician - Supports allies better in combat Weapon Master - Deals more damage with melee weapons Expert Shot - Deals more damage with ranged weapons Honored by Ancestors - More likely to have critical hits/Ancestor intervention Crude - Gains affinity with heroes slower Poor Tutor - Passes along less/not as strong skills/abilities to children in Keep Barren/Impotent - Lower chance to produce children Uncoordinated - Deals less damage in combat Unfavored by Ancestors - Less likely to have critical hits/Ancestor intervention Consideration is given for the "leveling up" of traits; good ones get better, "bad" ones could get less bad, or possibly reversed as appropriate. Essentially, any parameter of a character could have natural positive or negative be explored as a trait.
  9. Starting this thread to collect community suggestions for "Traits" that can be passed down the bloodlines or randomly show up in a child. Get to it!
  10. Descent is a fairly fun one, though it can take a long time to set up and play. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/104162/descent-journeys-in-the-dark-second-edition
  11. I thought I might add some of my thoughts for musical inspiration. The direction I am coming from is songs that might be written in-game by the bards to tell the history of the war and to memorialize heroes past. One of the first songs I thought of in relation to this project was The Minstrel Boy written by Thomas Moore, preformed here by The Clancy Brothers: I think that it gives a sort of, early-game, Proudly defiant in the face of the demon hordes, send your sons and daughter into the glory of battle feeling. The second song is a remix from Final Fantasy 9 called The Rose General by katethegreat19 This song has a more defined somber, later-game feeling; A war that has raged on for as long as anyone has remembered as soldiers try to pay tribute to the sacrifices of their elders. Similar, perhaps to a song to play while viewing the fallen heroes and their bloodlines?
  12. Another topic brought up from the chat that Brad discussed was the idea of heroes, possibly through too much demonic influence, turning traitor and returning hundreds of years later leading an opposing army.
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