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  1. Toxic green sludge? Seems familiar. Yes, I think Rick Scott definitely should go for a swim.
  2. Not just insensitive. Rhetoric like that is at the heart of the problem. Supposing the shooter really was motivated by the sight of two men kissing, why should that be a problem for anyone except for the rabid, violence-tinged anti-gay rhetoric the political and religious right spew without a thought about the consequences? No one is responsible for anybody's actions but their own, but speech is an act. Carson, Trump, Perkins, Fischer and the rest of them didn't walk into the Pulse and start shooting people themselves, but they do bear personal responsibility for the atmosphere that make things like this possible.
  3. I just googled that. The sources of the accusation are not exactly credible (Breitbart, Daily Caller). The accusation itself isn't very credible, either. The accusation specifically is that Reddit is deleting comments and banning users that identify the shooter as Muslim. Since that would be factually correct, to say that the shooter was Muslim, it's unlikely that Reddit would delete/ban simply on the basis of stating it. Since the accusation is coming from right-wing newsish sites with a history of (among other things) peddling Islamophobia and various conspiracy theories, they are likely either just making it up or Reddit may be taking down Islamophobic and similarly bigoted and inflammatory comments. In other words, Reddit may simply be policing hate speech, if it's doing anything at all.
  4. As horrific as the Pulse mass-shooting is, we almost had a double-feature. A man intending to target LA Pride was arrested after police found assault rifles and bomb-making components in his car. The officers were certainly on the ball with this thing. If they hadn't been, the Orlando massacre may have been followed up by another in West Hollywood.
  5. I can't really think of any other games where the main character goes through such a dramatic arc of personal development as Manny in GF. I suppose that's partly because game narrative doesn't normally go too deeply into the interior lives of characters, and gameplay is all about overcoming the obstacles placed in the player's way. GF has that, of course, but the story is also about Manny's personal redemption. That's an unusual theme for a game. The Longest Journey probably is the game that has a similarly dramatic arc for the main character, although in April's case it's not redemption as such but more about discovering a sense of self-worth. Another might be The Rose Tattoo, although the dramatic change comes at the start, and the personal story arc is about recovery. Mycroft Holmes is critically injured in an apparently accidental gas explosion and Sherlock is absolutely shattered, and it takes him a long time to get back on even keel, although for pretty much all of the game he's motivated by thoughts of revenge and not by cold reason as he normally is.
  6. Well, now, this is interesting. I'm home from work, sick, and with nothing better to do watching fan-made Star Trek. I come to the fourth episode of Star Trek Continues and as it starts I think "That guy looks and sounds just like Colin Baker." Turns out, it is Colin Baker. It's not official Star Trek, of course, but it's probably closest an actual Doctor will come to appearing in Star Trek.
  7. If by 'Meta Crisis Doctor' you mean the one with Rose on that one parallel Earth, then we know he won't become anything other than old and then dead. It was made pretty clear that he has one heart and can't regenerate. So bang goes that theory. The Dream Lord certainly represents the darker side to the Doctor's personality, as did his behavior in The Waters of Mars. Actually, the War Doctor may have done so as well. I don't know if it's really all that necessary, then, to imagine anything complicated behind the emergence of the Valeyard other than the Doctor going seriously off the rails. The potential has always been there, including in the First Doctor (esp. in the beginning).
  8. I've always thought of the Valeyard as one specific regeneration, although I've never really understood what the Master was supposed to mean when he said that the Valeyard comes between the Doctor's penultimate and final regenerations. How would that work? I suppose now we could rationalize it as being something on par with the War Doctor, a regeneration in which the Doctor doesn't identify as "the Doctor."
  9. If you went into the situation having suspicions beforehand of where you would find yourself, maybe. And, of course, over time the Doctor started making a dent in that harder-than-diamond wall, so that probably provided a clue, eventually. On a different subject, I've noticed a pattern emerging. First, in The Doctor's Wife, the Doctor mentioned that the Corsair regenerated a couple of times as a woman. And then we find that the Master regenerated as a woman. And now we actually see a male Time Lord regenerate as a woman right in front of us (and whose first remark afterwards was that she was back to normal). There seems now to be a progression going on, with Moffat trying to gradually acclimate people to the idea of Time Lords not having a necessarily fixed biological sex. Of course, the people most in need of this will probably never get used to it, but my suspicion is that if Moffat is still the show-runner when it comes time to replace Capaldi he intends to have laid the groundwork to cast a female Doctor (if he finds the right actress) without causing too much of a fuss. If so, good on him, although maybe he's being a little overcautious about it.
  10. Officially, no. I suspect people are making a lot out of the fact that Jackson had taken the trouble to have this video made. I should point out that there is a bookmarked copy of The Silmarillion on the table between the two Jacksons, but that could hardly be taken as confirmation that a movie version is in the works (esp. considering the family still has the movie rights to that and Tolkien's literary executor, his youngest son Christopher, hates what Jackson did with LOTR and presumably The Hobbit as well). I wouldn't even assume that the two Peters were both in NZ. After all, in the White Council sequence in The Hobbit Christopher Lee's bits were shot in London and he was inserted digitally with the others who were filmed on the set in NZ. The fact that an envelope changes hands means nothing (Gandalf was handed a glass of wine in Bag End even though McKellen was acting his bits out in a separate, scaled green-screen set in another part of the soundstage). In other words, the skill-set exists to fake Capaldi's presence.
  11. This is Doctor Who. It may not be that straightforward. I smell a fiercely-thickening plot.
  12. Good God, how could I forget the Second Doctor's flute? Well, recorder, actually. Not sure if spoons count as musical, but maybe more musical than bagpipes.
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