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  1. Change: Added Legends of Eisenwald, Cross of the Dutchman, SKYJACKER (Background Literature: ABYSS LIGHTS - Frozen Stars), Battle Chess and Drifter: A Space Trading Game. I am excited about: * SKYJACKER * Drifter: A Space Trading Game
  2. I think that's the crux. They've really tried hard to played catch up, but I'd bet if they re-launched now that they started with what they know the market is looking for with the PC/Mac variants (that announcement correlated with a huge boost in pledges), I bet they would be considerably more successful. What is your take on the Stealth- and Escort-Missions bit?
  3. Because People hate Escort-Missions and Stealth-Games? Also the iOS-only-Bit.
  4. I'll look into it. Though the new Projects keep getting more and more uninteresting. It seems like everyone wants to jump the Kickstarter Bandwagon without understanding the reasons for Doublefines Success. ((On an unrelated Note. Where are the Updates by Double Fine? I was expecting a update frequency that is a bit higher than Quasi-"Never". At least they could have mentioned something like: "Only once in a Month". I thought they wanted to tell us about Game Development, would it be that difficult to do a few short blogposts or something like that? I guess this Documentary is just as deep as all the other Game Documentaries and "Making Of"'s out there. ))
  5. Thanks for your suggestion. Though Shadowrun was already in the List for a few Days when you submitted your Post.
  6. Change: Added Ravaged, Republique by Camouflaj + Logan and Grim Dawn.
  7. Not sure if backing is required to be able to see that post. But even if it is and if you haven't backed Jane's project by now --> if you back this project until tomorrow (sunday), you should be able to vote. The poll will close Sunday night at 11:59pm (EST) Technically, anyone who even temporarerily pledges 1USD can vote on this.
  8. Every Backer can Vote on the Project Concepts at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1005365109/jane-jensens-pinkerton-road-2012-2013-csg/posts/207520
  9. This one also looks quite Polished: * Republique by Camouflaj + Logan But again: Can we really hold it against them to have already invested a potentially substantial Amount of Money? Not everyone has the Pull & Reputation of Tim Schafer / Brian Fargo / etc. ..?
  10. Doesn't look like it in this case. They seem to have everything done... but the graphics, the engine, the interface . So the probably most expensive part's still missing. And i totally believe that because the preview graphic suck a bit (I wouldn't want to spend many hours surrounded by these graphics). Seems like they tried to quickly make something to show it to us... Or they simply want to beef up their engine. Though they should have invested in a better Video or at least better Audio-Quality.
  11. We got another one of this type it seems: * Tortured Hearts - or, How I Saved The Universe. Again. On the other Hand: Can we really hold it against developers to invest their own money into these projects and then just sell a few licenses and other goodies? Not everyone has the pull and reputation to get a reasonable budget kickstarted. We also have to remember that not every type of Indie Game is unfeasible to produce alone or in conjunction with Publishers. Takedown also did not really get enough Money to make the Game. I am a bit concerned about this. In my opinion a VG Kickstarter Project should NOT set a minimum Target that is to low to actually create the game. This has a high possibility of ending badly.
  12. Good Point. I also had a few doubts about this project, which is why I didn't add it to the List. I just mentioned it, because it is seemingly popular in the Video Games category of Kickstarter. Irregardless of this: The Project will get funded Probably.
  13. Change: Added Clockwork and Crossbones, Chuck's Challenge 3D, Starlight Inception, Nekro, Echoes of Eternia. A modern take on a classic design. and Dark Meridian. I will think about removing/adding further Unfunded Notices and a "Probability of Funding" (Will prob. fund, I don't know, Will probably not fund). I am also thinking further about better categorizing for reasons of clarity. Interesting Projects of the Day: * Ravaged * BIONITE: Origins
  14. Thanks for all your numerous suggestions. I will look into it after a good nights sleep. Thanks for your suggestion. The Project "The Dead Linger" was already added to the List a few days before.
  15. Thanks for your suggestion. For reasons of clarity and comprehensibility I will have to think about introducing Project categories like: * Remakes / Sequels / Originals by known Designers * Projects by Designers that worked on known Games * Highly Popular Indie Game Projects with a big Budget * Other Projects On a related note I don't think I can add every Kicking it Forward Project, let alone every Kickstarter Game Project.
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