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  1. I doubt that I will buy this. I´m a day one purchaser of Psychonauts, Brütal Legend and Stacking, but this don´t interest me. My interest in Double Fine´s games is their orginality and creativity when it comes to designing characters and game worlds. And this is a licensed property they are using now. That isn´t a Double Fine game for me. If they take a risk like they did with Stacking, they have my money. If they play safe, then I´m not as sure. I really hope that they haven´t scratched any of their 3 other games they announced (sort of) for this.
  2. Stumbled over this thread at the Neogaf forum, and thought it might be fun for others to read. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=410292 The thing with that thread is the evolution, from all the typical internet hate from people not understanding the meaning of the stage battles, to people just reminding each other of great things about the game.
  3. You what a forum is good for? Discussions. So I thought one was allowed to reply to comment that you think need commenting - the piracy argument. And I don´t really see the harm in letting Double Fine that there are those who would like a PC versions. So, chill.
  4. Which forums are you talking about, cause that really seems just silly. Just look at the success Telltale have had with their games, and you will get a solid proof that PC gamers appriciate all kinds of quirky games. Another one is Psychonauts, mention that game for any PC gamer and look at the response you get for that. I recall Tim Schafer talking about the extra sales generated by Steam in a very positive way. I myself is far far away from being a casual PC gamer and I bought the game twice on PC - first by importing it from dvdboxoffice to Sweden before it was available here, and then when it became available on Steam. And again - when it comes to PC sales - count sold copies, not number of downloads of torrent files. Capcom failed miserably because they are making typical console games, and almost everytime release them months after the console versions have been released. No such games ever sell well. And on top of that, they have refused to cater to the Steam audience and instead stuck with the failing Games for Windows Live.
  5. Piracy is certainly not the issue. People always do the wrong thing and count number of pirated copies instead of number sold copies. Torchlight sold 600k. Nuff said. Even without the Diablo appeal a game like Costume Quest could sell hundres of thousand of copies, if it´s sold at the right price through the right vendors without additional DRM. But I can understand that they don´t do a PC version for this considering the time frame and the humble budget it has, cause no one of us are that naive that we think a PC version would be free to develop. And if you look at the game, it really looks like a console game. I own PC, PS3 and XBOX360 so I will buy the game even if I´m primarly a PC gamer, just like I did with Brütal Legend.
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