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  1. The documentary was even more interesting to me than the game, so I can see why some people might feel "cheated" if non-backers were able to get it for free. On the other hand though, one of the reasons I backed the project was because I wanted to see it done. If backers hadn't felt that way we wouldn't even be discussing a documentary OR game here because it wouldn't exist. Just like the fact that the game is going to be made available to a wide audience of customers, the documentary needs to be available to them to. How much DF/2PP chooses to charge (or not charge) at that point is up to them based on their business decision. I don't recall having been promised exclusive access to the documentary, and I think it would be doing the world a dis-service if it was not out there for everyone to see. Here's to seeing it on Netflix!
  2. MOAI is already used for Spacebase DF-9, Middle Manager of Justice and Hack 'n' Slash at DF, so I imagine they really liked the experience. It seems to be their goto choice for 2D games now. Mind, only MMOJ is older than DFA/BA. The other two you mention came out during the first public-participation Amnesia Fortnight.
  3. I was actually exploring the area above - avoiding holes - when I clicked on the tree (thinking to climb up) and instead she climbed down. Surprise!
  4. Funnily enough, none of his pitches appealed to me. Now after watching the progress I'm rethinking my position. Trust DF to save the day!
  5. Already replied by email but there's no harm in announcing it semi-publicly; works for me too! Thanks DF!
  6. I had a little bit of trouble installing it, too. This is what I did, in Windows 7: 1) Click on Start 2) Click on Control panel 3) Click on System 4) Click on Device Manager 5) Find Display adapters and click on it 6) A menu will open, click on the driver tab 7) There should be an "update driver" button. Click on it and it should do all the work for you. Hopefully it works for you, too. Just as an FYI; I did the above steps as the first thing to trying to update my drivers to my Dell laptop and Windows claimed the drivers were up-to-date. Going to both Intel and Dell's website, however, I was able to locate newer drivers (same one both places). Unfortunately, as you could see from my other posts in this thread, that did not resolve the issue.
  7. Hmm, indeed. I was finally able to get some time to update to get the log and I see my message is the same. Darn immutable textures! Email sent, FWIW. I did double-check the drivers and the versions available from Dell and Intel have the same version numbers so it's the latest either way.
  8. Try disabling the Steam Community overlay. Other people have noticed that doing so fixes the issue. Plus, you're just going to be asked to try that anyway
  9. /me weeps silently Just a bump for others to see this obviously far-reaching issue.
  10. While the whole Steam DRM thing is another discussion, you have to admit that if you were on Steam they were going to know anyway, right?
  11. Yes, it seems to be the determining factor at this point. I did attempt to alter and fiddle with settings on the Intel Mobile Graphics Whatchamacallit to ensure it wasn't trying to force something that wasn't allowed, but no luck. I did just notice that my app folder has (now) 13 files related to the crash; all MDMP files with names like... brokenage_2035288_crash_2014_1_14T22_13_50C0.mdmp ...which a quick Google search indicates that the files aren't really useful unless you have the game source. Do we need to send some of these in to the support email address?
  12. A few other notes here indicated that disabling the Steam Community overlay fixed that issue. It usually pops up first right about that time. Maybe that's your issue? (wish it was mine )
  13. kilroyandy: In Steam, open the Help menu option and select "System Information". It's not very obvious but you can click and drag to select the contents, then press CTRL+C to copy to clipboard (and paste here or whatnot).
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