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  1. This is now officially my most anticipated game of the year. I absolutely loved the original.
  2. Ah, my bad. :-S Here I was, thinking the game was originally meant for a PS3 release. I remember when it was exclusive for 360, it almost made me buy one, thankfully the PC version showed up.
  3. It certainly seems so. I was looking through the PC versions (Steam) files to find a way to increase the distance at which grass is rendered on screen as I hate seeing it pop up a few meters ahead. I then stumbed upon a file called "BuddhaDefault" in the "Config" folder that had some interesting lines of text in it: As can be read, the PS3 is mentioned three times in just this short snippet of text. My guess is a certain publisher got in the way. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to increase the grass distance, so maybe someone could help me with that? :-P
  4. Now, I haven't been bothered to read all the replies so I don't know if these have been mentioned already, but here goes: - A world set on a theatre scene where everyone is wearing costumes and living among set pieces making it seem like you're stuck in a play! - An ice world, no wait.... An ice CREAM world! - A very over-the-top clich├ęd Irish pub with leprechauns and everything. - Stuck in an Egyptian wall-painting. - Easter Island, with talking or singing stone-heads and lots of painted eggs. And perhaps there's a secret easter egg factory inhabited by bunnies.
  5. That video was a very neat window into the creative process that takes place. Very cool! The game needs puzzles, but they must be varied and come in a variety of forms, not just combine "item a" with "item b" (but it needs some of that too). I'm confident that the final product will be great. Humorous characters and interesting locations tangled together with a good story will be the most important part of the game in my opinion. And those Lil and Laarg stickers on the notebook made me buy Escape Plan while watching. :-)
  6. Good thing you've got Sackboy there to help! Upload a higher res picture next time please, I want to read too.
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