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  1. There is definitely something here... I don't think I've ever heard of a game like this before. The lack of visuals might annoy some, but I love the idea of incorporating "radio drama"-style dialogue. I think it might be a bit more appealing if you were less of a disconnected surveillance contractor and more intimately involved with what is going on. Maybe you accidentally overhear a murder and then are compelled to use your skills to solve the crime... almost like "Rear Window." You are trapped in the role of the voyeur but can send others to carry out actions for you. And then, of course, comes the inevitable moment when you realize YOU are being watched, too! Anyway, nice work! It feels like you are breaking some kind of new ground. And good job referencing one of my favorite movies ever! ("Hi. My name is Warner Brandis. My voice is my passport. Verify me.")
  2. Thanks for the response, Tim. I'm sure there are a lot of nuances to the collaborative process that can't be captured in the documentary. Happy to hear that you are satisfied with the way the team is working!
  3. Well thought. I was wondering the same thing from the very beginning. Who are all these people doing concepts? What exactly is Bagel going to do? Now it turns out, he's painting other people's ideas. I understand he's frustrated. I completely agree with both of you. If one of the primary goals of making this game was to evoke that unique Bagel style in both content and design, why wasn't he more heavily involved from the beginning? Not just in the design, but in the concept of the game itself? I found myself getting frustrated near the end of the episode as both Bagel and Tim were separately realizing that more communication was needed between the two of them... and then it ended without them talking! (I'm assuming they had a conversation privately, but still...) It felt like the end of a romantic comedy when the boy and girl, after a few weeks of plaintively staring out windows, both realize, "Oh my gosh, (s)he's the one!" I was just waiting for the scene where they each run out of their apartments in the pouring rain and both sprint directly to the spot beneath the Palace of Fine Arts where they first met and find the other there and say "It's you. It's always been you.." and embrace while the camera spins around them and Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up" swells in the soundtrack. Or something like that... Anyway, I hope they get this sorted out, even if it means retooling some parts of the game that had previously been set in stone. I realize that time and budget probably won't allow for that, but I think it would be a shame if, after all that has gone into making this game, it's not the game that they wanted to make.
  4. Hi everyone! While trying to come up with some good adventure game location ideas (for this thread here), I accidentally came up with an idea for an entire adventure game! In fact, a lot of the hundreds of responses to that thread could be expanded into complete game ideas. After searching through the twenty pages of topics on this forum, I was shocked to see no topic made solely for the purpose of unloading your own adventure game ideas (if I'm wrong about this, please tell me where it is!). So, let's post any adventure game ideas we have here! Or, if you are one of the many talented people who has actually made or is in the process of making your own adventure game (like the folks from this thread here), tell us about it here, too! These aren't meant to be "pitches" to the people at Double Fine or anything... just a fun place to share ideas. For example, the idea I came up with: A kid who flunks history class keeps getting sent back in time to right before some of history's greatest disasters (e.g. Ford's Theater, the deck of the Titanic, Pompeii, etc.). He must find a way to prevent the catastrophe from occurring or save all the people involved with only his limited knowledge of history to help him! The title: "Doomed to Repeat It"... or something like that. Maybe that's the tagline. Or "Tragedy Plus Time"... yeah that's good!
  5. I've been trying to come up with ideas for places that are (or were) actually visitable... Sometimes the most relatable ones are the most interesting. - A huge toy store at night after closing - An abandoned gas station in the middle of the desert - A quaint New England Bed & Breakfast on a cliff overlooking the sea - The home of a reclusive author - a 24-hour laundromat at 4 am - A tree-house mansion - the "employees only" section of an aquarium or zoo - A high-profile art auction - A Southern Gothic hotel - a bluegrass music festival Or maybe a specific place at a specific point in history... - a big brick high school in the 1950s - New York in the 1970s - A speakeasy during Prohibition - "Rat Pack" era Las Vegas - Backstage at the Globe Theatre on the opening night of one of Shakespeare's plays
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