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  1. Another meetup! Neat! How about some "party games" we can all play together during the event? I wasn't able to get tickets for PAX and I'm a bit occupied with my Thesis Animated Film for University, but I'll try to make it!
  2. Udoncat, I tried to add you, however your Steam is private so it looks like you'll have to do the adding!
  3. Speaking of Steam, maybe everyone should throw there id's out there. I think it'd be fun to get a few games going every now and then between us Melbourne-based backers. Can't say no to more bonding time. This is me!
  4. Just wanted to say how nice it was to meet everyone today. Y'all sure are a bunch of lovely people! Also, thanks to Tim for putting aside some time to spend with us backers, and what a pleasure it was to meet him again! Now, I'm pooped... Tomorrow, I'll get to work on going through all the photos and footage I got during the media launch and today's talk, as well as get started on those darn articles. Night all!
  5. Damn, how did I not see this sooner? I was going to come here with the idea of a world kind of like a children's pop-up book, but it seems someone's already beat me to it. It would be interesting if upon arriving in said environment, the things that shift and change upon pulling tabs are quite obvious and easy to spot, but the further you travel into the storybook, the harder it is to find the "change" in the environment, where for example, the next "tab" you're needed to pull, will be located, in order to expand the location. Otherwise, 'the world' would eventually come to an end. It'd be kind of like a treasure hunt to keep the location growing.
  6. Hey Tim, glad to hear you made it all the way down, safe and sound! As for your tight schedule, it's understandable. Though, us backers will be meeting up after your talk/before and after your book signing, so if you do happen to find yourself with a bit of time on your hands, we'd love to be able to get a chance to meet up with you personally. Do let us know if you can! And it's gone - sorry all! Darn it! Missed it again...
  7. I'd be totally down for this. How about right after Tim's talk (depending on what time it finishes), up until his book signing at 8:45PM?
  8. Likewise, with my bright red hair. I think I'd be just as easy to spot, if not more! Whaaaaat. What afterparty?
  9. That's what I meant, the media launch. Maybe I'll see you there. You can get tickets for his book signing here.
  10. Does anyone else here happen to be going to the launch event? Also, for those who didn't get a ticket for Tim's talk and still want a chance to meet him, tickets are still available for his book signing!
  11. I thought the book sign ticket prices were a bit steep too, but considering you get the Game Masters catalogue along with it, it might not be too bad. It's a lot more reasonable that way, at least. Also, I checked for tickets to Tim's talk and they were already sold out only 15 minutes after the announcement was emailed out. Yikes!
  12. They couldn't have gone on sale that early. Not only did I try to buy them on the ACMI site, where it wouldn't allow me, due to them not being on sale yet, but I even called up daily and was specifically told that they weren't going to be available to purchase until the Friday..
  13. Sigh, it's really quite heart-breaking. I got an email announcement about the talk almost two weeks before, and had been calling up ACMI and checking their website DAILY, waiting for tickets to go on sale. The day they just happened to go up on sale, I was sick in bed, and missed them. Worst. Luck. Ever. I'm crossing my fingers for a miracle.. someone who's willing to sell me their tickets, because I am more than willing to pay whatever is necessary. But let's hope Tim decides to do another talk...
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