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  1. This looks awesome! Will the blu-rays include the SideQuests?
  2. I’ve been creating test chambers with the Puzzle Maker for Portal 2, and hope to play all 68,000+ test chambers some day. By the time I’m done with all of those there will probably be a few billion MORE chambers to play! Perpetual testing must continue!
  3. Here’s a link to the Under a Killing Moon GOG page: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/tex_murphy_under_a_killing_moon At www.texmurphy.com there are links to reviews of the games, and the Big Finish Games YouTube page has a lot of videos with footage from the games: http://www.youtube.com/user/BigFinishGames Those of you that love great stories and gameplay should definitely check these games out.
  4. Jane’s campaign is doing really well, and we’re getting two games now anyway. :-) One of them might even be Gabriel Knight 4 (just a rumor)! I upped my pledge for this one. And there’s only about 3 more days to go until the Tex Murphy campaign starts! My wallet is ready to lose some weight! I will donate tons of money to the Tex Murphy Kickstarter!
  5. The Tex Murphy games were fairly unknown and can all be downloaded on GOG: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/tex_murphy_under_a_killing_moon
  6. It patch with English subtitles was just released. You can download it at: http://shinji-nerd-life.blogspot.com/2012/03/hollywood-monsters-in-english-part-2.html
  7. I have probably played The Pandora Directive about 15 times, Under a Killing Moon about 10 times, and Overseer about 7 times! Pandora was great for replaying with its two difficulty levels (the harder one having additional content), 3 narrative paths, and 7 different endings. I hardly ever replay adventure games. Aside from the Monkey Island games, there are very few adventure games that I have played more than once.
  8. DanB, that is the perfect order to play them in. Play the last (and best) three first, followed by the first two (if you want). Let me know how it goes! As for those that have never played a Tex game and don’t plan to play one, here are 10 reasons why you should... 1. The Tex Murphy games are the pinnacle of interactive entertainment, and the exciting memories that the games have created will last a lifetime. I hardly ever replay games, but I’ve played the Tex Murphy games numerous times because they are so exciting, engaging, interesting, funny, and extraordinary. Every gamer on the planet should give the games a try, even if they absolutely hate adventure games. The games are challenging, but players should never be discouraged, because the games have some of the most advanced hint systems to date. 2. If you thought that a funny adventure game also couldn’t be a serious thriller, then you have not played the Tex Murphy game, Under a Killing Moon. This game seamlessly combines mysterious conspiracies, dangerous situations, interesting and immersive 3D environments, exciting puzzles, diverse characters, and adventure gaming’s most interesting protagonist. 3. In gaming culture, full motion video adventure games have always had the stigma of being cheap, boring, un-interactive, and just plain garbage. Below the heaps of trash lies some true gems -- the extremely underrated Tex Murphy games which are absolutely magnificent in every sense of the word. The film quality video is interactive, where players choose not what Tex will say, but instead, the type of response that he will deliver, making each conversation an edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride. 4. The Tex Murphy games include tons of extremely immersive, living, breathing 3D environments where you can look for clues in desk drawers, in trash cans, under couch cushions, and other places that most adventure games only dream to hide things in. Objects are never hidden from view or hard to see, because the games are in full 3D. 5. The Pandora Directive is, without a doubt, the best computer game ever made. It’s a shame that so few have heard of it, and even fewer have actually played it. Everyone who has played it agrees that it is the best game ever. It has everything an exciting game needs – meaningful, multi-faceted storylines, deep character development, quality acting and directing, fun puzzles, and humor in all the right places. The game also has great accessibility, with two levels of play which cater to two different types of gamers. Player choice also has a huge impact on the game’s story, as there are three completely different narrative paths leading to seven different endings. 6. When Under a Killing Moon was released, gamers around the globe were blown away with how remarkable the technology was. When Tex Murphy: Overseer was released, they were blown away again with the humungous leaps in technology. Overseer was the first DVD game to ever exist, and it took full advantage of the new medium with interactive HD video and immersive 3D environments. The graphics of this game in 1998 were as amazing as the graphics of Crysis in 2007. This game wasn’t simply a flashback of what happened in Tex’s first game, it was a completely new experience. 7. The developers behind the award winning Tex Murphy masterpiece games are great game developers, actors, writers, music composers, programmers, technical support associates, and sales associates. In addition to being the absolute best at what they do, they are also great, ethical people that have a passion for their games and their fan-base. When the last Tex Murphy game was released in 1998, I was so young that I had no credit card, checking account, or car, but I did have some cash. I mailed an envelope with cash in it directly to Access Software, indicating that I would like to purchase Overseer. Shortly thereafter, I received Overseer and the soundtrack CD in the mail. I tried this “cash in the mail” thing with EA to purchase one of their games around the same time, but they just pocketed the cash. I think you know what company I’m going to support on May 15, but this time, I’ll use my credit card! 8. Black Dahlia, Casebook, Conspiracies... so many adventure games try to be like Tex Murphy, but none of them can capture the original unlucky, cynical, satirical, and all-around likeable Tex Murphy. These other games also attempt to grasp the technological and gameplay aspects that made the Tex games great, and they fall short, paling in comparison. 9. Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Runaway, Sam & Max... if you thought a humorous adventure game had to be a silly animated cartoon, then you are absolutely mistaken. If you thought that a first person adventure game had to be a solitary exploration game with hair-ripping-out puzzles, then you are also mistaken. If you’ve played a Tex Murphy game, then you definitely agree that they are some of the best ever made, and that a new Tex game could be better than anyone could ever imagine! 10. Guybrush Threepwood, April Ryan, George Stobbart, King Graham... all of these are great adventure game characters, but they lack one thing. There’s a lesser known character who’s real first name is unknown, but goes by the name of Tex Murphy. He’s such a deep character that you would think he was played by a real person, and that he’s not modeled with computer graphics. Oh wait! He IS played by a real person, and it shows – he’s not merely a computer generated character with a talking voice.
  9. For those of you that have played the Tex games and didn’t like them, why didn’t you like them? For those that have not, and probably never will, why is that?
  10. I would much rather play a pre-release demo than a beta. Betas have bugs. Bugs are bad!
  11. I will be selling my house, and my car, and be donating most of my body parts in order to help the Tex Murphy Kickstarter fund! I will donate TONS of money! I've been waiting 14 years for a new Tex game, and to be able to donate to the cause is a dream come true. The Tex games were the BEST games ever! If you haven't played them yet, now would be a good time. You have 7 weeks to play all of the games before the Kickstarter fund starts. If you play them by May 15, you'll probably want to sell your body parts to be able to donate as much as you can too. I would recommend playing Under a Killing Moon first, followed by The Pandora Directive.
  12. TEX MURPHY!!! I will sell my car, house, belongings (except for my computer since I'll need it to play the games), kidney, pieces of my lungs, pieces of my liver, in order to give them as much money as possible! It's going to be the best game EVER! There's about 2 months to go until the Kickstarter stats on May 15, so you if haven't played these games, you have no reason not to because they are on GOG. I highly recommend starting with Under a Killing Moon and then playing the Pandora Directive. Overseer is good too, but play it last. http://www.gog.com/en/catalogue#all_genres/search/tex murphy/ Danger is like jell-o. There's always room for a little more! Anyone, let me know if you have a change to play one of these games and tell me how it goes. You will probalby want to sell your body parts too (unless you have tons of money lying around).
  13. I want a huge hand if the development, bot not it that means a lot of story and location spoilers. It's possible!
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