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  1. There should have been 3 meteorite recipes that you can research. The researched meteorites can only be acquired through combining. The base meteorites are all random drops or can be bought from the store. The +% on focusite really should be -%. Focusite bling at +100% doesn't use any focus at all, which really breaks character builds. Heros with great long range group abilities now end up having a ton of useless focus points that can't be reallocated. Since it looks like this game's been put out to pasture, you may as well use the save game meteorite dup bug. Just equip all of your heros with meteorites, force close the app and reload. Now unequip the meteorites from all heros and force close again. When you load it up again, the meteorites will have been added to your inventory, but they will still be equipped on your heros. Unequip, force close, repeat. Combining meteorites along the way and re-equipping, you should be able to have pretty much unlimited Bling level meteorites in 15-20mins.
  2. I didn't see it right away either. It's the green crystal thing sitting on top of the managers inbox on his desk.
  3. +1 for this idea. I tend to pick the same groupings repeatedly and would love to be able to pick my A-Team, B team...without all the scrolling ...it would make the grinding on normal missions a lot faster and less frustrating.
  4. Just noticed a scroll bug on the Inventory tab.....I can't scroll to the bottom and see all of my inventory items. So, if you have a lot of newly collected pieces of gear, you can't see the consumables at the bottom
  5. I'm seeing the same thing with the Meteorite achievement...researched all 3 and it didn't pop. stuck at 37/38. I've also always had a graphics glitch with Crowbar's sprite in the fire and bus sequences ever since he was added. Tasks are still dropping in new ones I can't complete. Just got "buy a new costume" even though I've already bought all 10. And "research a snack" is still stuck in there too. Major exploit on meteorites. Easily able to get 10 bling meteorites/min. But, I love the game! iPad3 iOS 6.1.3
  6. For some reason you have to run all the way to the left to "view your destruction" before the hay bales will explode letting you past. This annoyed me too as there's no real reason to do that. Yes....although I'm not sure why
  7. This is really really basic, but is your monitor plugged in all the way? Haha...yeah, it's plugged in fine...locking DisplayPort cable. This is also my work PC, so it gets a lot of use.....I can't see it being a hardware issue as this has only ever happened while playing The Cave. It happened 3 or 4 times across 6 playthroughs, each time it would go blank for 3-5 seconds 2 or 3 times about 5-10 secs apart. For instance, it went blank right after I jumped on the ferris wheel, came back around 9 o'clock, then blanked out again at 1 o'clock where I needed to jump off for the fuse had to ride it all the way around again. That's the only specific place I remember it happening. I'm assuming that the subtitle ghosting must be due to some filtering/graphics effect the game is doing as it shows up in a screen capture...
  8. Sounds like it's an issue with having used a controller instead of a keyboard: http://steamcommunity.com/app/221810/discussions/0/846943514109612896/ That would explain why the percentages for those achievements has been going up on Steam since some people will be using K/M. Also, DF....can you please fix the achievements page on Steam so that we can link to the the Global achievements and then go into compare view with our own. It's annoying to have to go to the store page to see the global stats.
  9. Two more bugs to throw out there: 1) Every so often the screen will just go blank for 4-5 seconds then come back. Very random, I've gone a whole playthrough without the issue, then it happens a few times within a couple mins. Monitor is fine (haven't every had this issue with other games), video card is still outputting to my secondary monitor. GTX 680 w/210.90 drivers. I though I'd seen someone post about this already, but can't find it now. 2) The subtitle text seems to have an odd ghosting effect that's noticable when falling or moving quickly: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/612756334225350588/9EBB3787946325B4BEE0C14CCA056548558177ED/
  10. I'm in the same boat as well with just those 5 that won't unlock. These 5 are the only achievements that have requirements which span multiple playthroughs.
  11. Rather than insta-killing, why not just switch to one of the other two chars and jump down the waterfall with them.....once you hit the next rally point your stuck char won't be stuck any more....
  12. Sounds like you ended up doing the same thing I did and bound in a second keyboard/mouse player: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/8426/P50/#258161
  13. I'm wondering if I'm seeing a problem with a couple of the Steam achievements. I've completed 4 playthroughs. All 7 chars have taken the evil ending and 5 of them have also taken the good ending. I have all the main paintings for all the chars, so the only ones I'm missing are the good ending paintings for 2 chars. From the descriptions, I would have expected to have Win-win-win-win-win-win-win and Corruption, but so far neither of them have popped. What am I missing here?
  14. I had this happen to me on my second playthrough. The femur didn't spawn the first time but after exiting and continuing it showed up right where it was supposed to be.
  15. You've managed to bind two players Because Cave can be played by multiple people at once, the first input device to press enter or start becomes player one. If that's, say, a gamepad, then if you click in w/ the mouse or use space on the keyboard, that'll bind in a second player. Now you have two, which is why it scrolls past one player. If you don't want to use a particular input device, just bring up the pause menu with that device (start or Esc) and then chose "drop player" to get down to just one! That would explain it, I alt-tab'd out at the char selection, I guess that activated it. I hope this only causes an issue at the start here, as I tend to alt-tab out a lot while playing....
  16. Did you try Game Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity?
  17. Just got it installed from Steam, but the controls at the start seem messed up, can't select the Time Traveler with the d-pad using a 360 controller - it just cycles through the other 6. But using the arrow keys on the keyboard moves the Time Traveler around even though it's not the selected character. [edit] I guess the game defaulted into local 2-player mode where the K/M had control of the Time Traveler. Not seeing an obvious way to disable the K/M as a player.....
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