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  1. Meh, I already really hate smartphone gaming, but since this is working on Android, so it's going to be smartphone gaming at home? That's even dumber
  2. If they're being shipped now, I really doubt they'll take 2 months to arrive to London. Will take around 2 weeks at most, maybe an entire month if you're that unlucky (but it's very unlikely)
  3. Wow so rare, someone on kickstarter that can actually draw anime style WELL
  4. Currently $11,415 with 38 hours to go, it just got something like 30$ more a few minutes ago. About 1,100$ left. They'll do it but really close
  5. Holy hell, what happened? There's a new video by Chuck and suddenly the pledge skyrocket to 6k, maybe there's hope for it to succeed
  6. RPG Maker, oh god they gotta be kidding me. Never heard of that "Melody Engine", but RPG Makers graphics are so generic, they always end up looking like every single other RPG Maker projects, it's fine for small amateur projects, but it's not something you should be making a Kickstarter for, or even selling the game
  7. Yeah I know that, except I don't have a Iphone/iPod Touch and I don't really want one
  8. http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/6849/eterniashot.jpg I sure hope it's just a proof of concept and not how the actual graphics looks like, because it looks RPG Maker as hell ... And I'm pretty sure it IS the graphics that comes with RPG Maker
  9. I imagine that 10$ in game credits = enough to buy the game? I doubt there's no guarantee that you're getting the game, it's just unclear with how they wrote it. Could always go ask the question. Also the Atari Lynx isn't all that strange because the first release of Chip's Challenge was on the Lynx, but yeah they also should have shown the Windows version
  10. It's interesting, I'm rather glad they got the license back but I'm not quite interested in a remake.
  11. About Chuck's Challenge 3D, made by one of the creator of Chip's Challenge http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/niffler/chucks-challenge-3d Thread: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6552/ It's kind of failing right now, but hopefully word will get around and it will get funded
  12. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/niffler/chucks-challenge-3d I discovered it a couples of days ago while I was browsing the Kickstarter videogames section. I used to be in a small Chip's Challenge community about 8 years ago, we made custom levels and it was fun. Chuck Sommerville (One of Chip's Challenge creator) posted there once in a while. Chuck really wanted to do a Chip Challenge 2 but he didn't have the rights and the company holding it asked a ridiculous amount for it. I'm glad to see Chuck still making games, but I'm kind of sad to see that this kickstarter has a big chance of failing, so I'm just trying to pass the word around at least
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