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  5. Firman Drawing Double Fine People

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work as well! He is not going to forgive you, if you skip doing his portrait again, you know. Just saying.
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  9. Plague Dam is not being referenced nearly as often as it should be in these kind of discussions. There is quite probably some kind of a "higher-purpose" thing at play here. I think it is pretty straight forward laid out that Mogs are human creations. Machines that would allow a person to live beyond the Plague Dam. Within this theory Maiden Feasts are a way to control the population of the protected territories that are unaffected by the plague. Limited space, limited resources. If population is low enough (and from what we've seen it is) removing a few maidens from the reproduction circle would help keep the balance stable, allowing the rest of the population to live in relative prosperity and not eventually die of hunger and disease. Ultimately, the older generations have probably decided that under the circumstances this is the best way of keeping the humanity alive. And if this is indeed so, nature of this decision might be put to question in Act 2, with some characters thinking that probably it is time for the things to change. There are interesting parallels with Norse mythology as well, which Tim is fond of. In particular with the story and character of Heimdallr, a god born at the edge of the world, and born of Nine Maidens, no less. He keeps watch for the onset of Ragnarok (read as "Battle of Vulgentoll") and is also said to be the originator of social classes and guardian of the gods. I'm not going to speculate on whether this is more Alex or Shay. The way it is right now, the story could very well hold up without any time-travel involved, or actual spaceships for that matter. Think Moon 2112. Following this trail of thought, Vella in this context would probably be Freyja. She is connected to Heimdallr in certain interesting ways, which are not quite fully understood by me. Among other things Freya is also a goddess of fertility, love, war and death. She is also the ruler of Fólkvangr. For some reason people know of Valhalla, but according to the texts only half of the warriors that die on the battlefield go there, the other half goes to Fólkvangr. "as a receiver of the dead Freyja's abode is also open for women who have suffered a noble death." Also, as most of you probably know, your favorite day of the working week, Friday, is named after her. Seeing that Marek is a wolf, I just can't think of him as of anyone else, but Fenrir, who is said to devour the Sun and the Moon. Some sources say that it is Sköll and Hati that devour those, but there is much confusion to the point, where all three are probably just one being. As for the art-piece. and, actually, the letter O in the title; this is what the Nordic rune Ingwaz/Ing looks like: Ing is an older name of the god Freyr, twin-brother to Freyja. Like Freyja he too is associated with fertility. Sometimes that rune is also drawn like this and by itself means the following: And, since I already started, the second part of that art-piece, which Vella refers to as three legs of a bull, could be imagined to be this rune: Anyway, I could go on forever, coming up with this stuff and making connections that most likely aren't even there, so I'll stop here. But also, I don't know if this is an easter egg of some sort or what, but "Loruna Scathe" is a character in the Star Wars universe. She used to be part of the Mistryl Shadow Guard: And one last thing, I wonder if "Operation Dandelion" is a reference to "The Man in the High Castle" by Philip Dick. The game does share some common themes with that novel.
  10. Broken Age - End Over End

    Having played it for 340+ hours straight without sleep and food, I felt the need to re-watch the amazing character trailers the other day. Which accidentally resulted in me making what practically is a zero-edit mashup of those two over a certain Foo Fighters song. It was sure weird how relatively good the timings synced without me having to edit anything. Some of the lines in the song even make sense in context with what's happening on the screen. I was particularly amused by Grandpa's weak exhaling nod over "I've seen it all before" and with the Mog Chothra's cue.
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  12. Renewal of Shop stock

    1) As far as I am aware, when there is a restock of a certain t-shirt design, it comes with a new color scheme. Meaning that if a certain size has gone out of stock, it is very unlikely that you are going to see it back in stock again, unless it is going to be decided to go with that same color scheme for the next print (which I don't think has ever happened before). I can not answer you for certain, but most likely your best option for the M and L sizes of the 2HB design at the moment is to go with the black and green one. You should also check the provided size chart ( and see if may be XL might replace the L size for you. What those letters mean differs from country to country, to the point where 3XL in one could mean XL in the other. 2) You are going to see the cost of shipping during Step 2 of 2 of placing the order. Right before you complete the purchase. The cost of shipping a single t-shirt to Australia would most likely be $14.75; $18.75 for two.
  13. Here is a twitter-list of people working at Double Fine: Here is an extended twitter-list that includes ex-employees, games, interns and people closely related to Double Fine: Double Fine Jeremy Natividad: David Gardner: Dan McGarry: Geoffrey Soulis: John Bernhelm: Anthony Vaughn: Matt Hansen: Brian Min: Kee Chi: Chad Dawson: Ben Peck: Justin Honegger: David Farrell: Paul Du Bois: Lydia Choy: Chris Schultz: Daniel Pangelina: Paul O'Rourke: Duncan Boehle: Risse Sullivan: 2 Player Productions Paul Levering: Interns, ex-employees and people closely related to Double Fine Frederik Storm: Allison Thomas: Brent Shinn: Chris Jurney: Majus Fietzek: Alan Patmore: Emily Ridgway: Joe Kowalski: Erik Robson: Caroline Esmurdoc: Whitney Hills: Nathan Martz: Tony Garcia: Henry Goffin: Zack Karlsson: Ruel Pascual: Jane Ng: Tasha Harris: Ron Gilbert:
  14. Cheese for Swisshelm!!!!!!

    That's right ! And also cannot help but notice that her glasses somewhat resemble Raz's. It might as well be that after her planeswalker's spark had been ignited she traveled to the Whispering Rock to practice her pyrokinesis