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  1. There is a bug in the pyramid (adventurer section): to solve a puzzle there should be some paintings on the walls, but they are missing in my case (see screenshot). I play on Linux (Ubuntu 13.04) with an Intel HD4500 GPU. Screenshot: http://ubuntuone.com/1z2Vx1DVZtItgH66dVBL8a BTW Big thank you for supporting Linux, even if it is not flawless in my case
  2. Wow, what a long post, so forgive me if similar ideas have been already posted: A dream location but not over the top like inception etc. It could have more subtle dream characteristics, e.g. that some objects change but without you noticing it first (like going to the right and then back to the left but some things are different now). The puzzle logic should be especially weird in that place, things which never fit together do suddenly. So that it doesn't become too frustrating, puzzles should be able to be solved with e.g. every item or at least with many options, even if it does not really make sense but after all it's a dream so it's normal.
  3. I think (officially) supporting few distributions is not a huge issue because everybody has access to virtually all distributions anyways so everybody will be able to play the game that way or another. Of course, it would be inconvenient to install an operating system just for a single game but it's already much better than being forced to pay for a Windows licence or to buy a Mac. Also most people run Ubuntu or a Ubuntu derivative so double fine should make sure that it runs on Ubuntu and then see how much recources it has to make sure that it will also run on the other distributions and make packages. I agree with your selection, that probably besides Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSuse would be probably the most important ones. It might also make sense to support Debian, because that would also cover Ubuntu.
  4. Ubuntu (Linux), since that is my main OS and the only OS installed on main computer because I like it the most.
  5. I like direct controls more than point and click, feels more immersive to me, e.g. I really loved the Heavy Rain control style (I know, not a traditional adventure in any way). I think the best compromise in the game will be if you can choose whether you want to move with mouse clicks or if you want to use the arrow keys/analogue sticks. This would make it also more cross-platform friendly. On Touchscreen devices you have the point and click mechanisms, consoles get the direct control and pc gamers should be comfortable using both methods. As far as text goes, I never played a text based adventure game but I could imagine it to be fun to have some text input elements in the game but not exclusively.
  6. I use Ubuntu almost exclusively. For me it's the easiest to use and one of the fastest operating system, it doesn't annoy me as much as the others. I liked Ubuntu already before Unity but I must say that Unity is really awesome once you get the hang out of the "intention driven" philosophy and discover super + w I hope that the game will be available in the Ubuntu software center or at least as a .deb. I know how to compile stuff and so on, but I'm just too lazy for that, I like the one-click install of the software center
  7. No, because you already payed them! What do you think the money was for? They will also release it DRM free, which does not make it legal to share it with the world, but it shows that doublefine's priority is not to stop piracy because they are already funded through us backers. Since they have already our money, I think it makes perfect sense for them to give us the complete game, i.e. with the source. Of course this might not be possible, e.g. when using tools and content from other companies, but double fine should at least try to make the source as open as possible. People are always under the impression that open source means that there is no money to be made but this is simply not true. Many commercial companies develop open source software with the goal to raise money, just look at Google e.g. In the case of double fine as I have already noted they are already financed so it shouldn't be a problem to be as open as possible. I also have the feeling that thread starter talks more about making development or mod tools available than open source, but with open source all this would be possible and double fine doesn't have to do anything, the community will take care of it. Double Fine can also still make additional money (even if the complete game is open) by selling retail version or having a pay what you want model like the humble bundle games. If only parts are open source, then this is a no brainer anyways, since for the full game non-backers would need to pay anyways that way or another.
  8. I think this is a great idea. While legally we won't really own the game that way or another, since we are financing the game upfront it would make sense that we get the complete game together with the source. Double fine already has our money, so they do not have to worry that we will pirate the game so they can as well give us the complete program.
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