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  1. It was stated at the time of the layoffs that they didn't impact on the Broken Age team. As far as I remember 12 people were laid off, among them JP, who was at least at one point part of the Reds team. I expected that at least he would be talked about, as it is publicly known that he is no longer at DF. I have to admit that I'm a little bit disappointed about that.
  2. You do realize that I refer to the now famous "adventure games are not dead!" line of the BA Kickstarter video, right? That was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, sorry if I came across thinking that adventure games are actually dead! Then again, I do live in Germany, so... ;-)
  3. I didn't think about that, but you are right: I would not have bought DF9 if I wouldn't had watched AF 2012, and I only watched that because I backed BA and got to know DF... Also, having the new engine as well as the IP might prove to be valuable investments for the future going forward. Having said and discussed all that, the whole situation about DF9 sucks even more for me now; not only because I don't get the game I'd hoped for, but also because DF's reputation seems to really get a bad hit over this. I really hope DF finds a way to gain back he lost trust of some of its customers...
  4. Your posting made me remember that we actually have some numbers to check this. First, we have "Production Update #1: Where does all the $$$$ go?" ( http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6443/ ): From the Kickstarter, they had a budget of 2,23 M$ for BA. Next, we have Act 1 Production Statistics (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13509/"): Act 1 needed a total of 339 man months; if we take 10 K$ per MM, Act 1 cost 3,39 M$. So, there are 1,16 M$ missing for Act 1. Stating your 1,6 M$ on Steam would bridge that gap, but barely so, because 1st we don't know if this number is before or after any Steam fees, and second we still have to take into account the development cost for Act 2. And if I were to use the 14 K$ per MM that you've quoted as Tim's upper limit earlier in this thread, the total cost of Act 1 is way over 4 M$. I fail to see how that is anything but hitting bare minimum.
  5. Well, DF is making this very assumption with SBDF9 and are stopping development because of it. (And I could argue that BA Act 1 is actually a finished, polished, bug-free game but with an open end, while SBDF9 is currently neither finished nor polished or bug-free...)
  6. You could get BA (the full game) for $15 during the Kickstarter; and that included access to the beta, access to the 2PP documentary, access to the private backer forum. So if you'd sell BA Act 1 now for $15 or $20, and raise its price to $25 once Act 2 is out, no backer should have felt betrayed by anything. As for "making its numbers": it is hitting the absolut minimum, the pessimistic estimate. It is by no means hitting the numbers that DF hoped for: You could see the disappointment in the doc. It really looks like Adventure Games are dead. BTW, is there a way to see how many times a game is on Steam Wishlists? (Like, "1.234 people have this on their wish list"?)
  7. You know, this might actually be one of the key problems with DF, not only with SBDF9, but also with BA: I still think BA on iOS is priced too high, and even the price for BA on Steam (which includes both Acts, unlike iOS) is too high. I think price should reflect that the game is not finished; that's why Minecraft went from 10 to 15 to 20 bucks for going from alpha to beta to final. Should have been the same for SBDF9 Alpha, or BA Act 1. I know quite some people who were interested in both games, but who thought the price was too high. That's totally no guarantee that revenue would have been higher, but perhaps more people would have resulted in more word of mouth, which would have resulted in more revenue. Alas, too late now to find out. It will be interesting to see how they price Massive Chalice...
  8. I feel like everybody is disappointed. The people who bought it as an Early Access game are disappointed, because they believed they would get more than what is currently in the game. JP is disappointed, because his "baby" didn't grow as much as he certainly would have wanted to. And DF management is probably disappointed as well, because it looks like SB DF-9 didn't make much (or any?) profit for the company. It looks like a no win situation. I wonder what everybody could learn from that experience? Don't buy any EA games any more? Do crowd funding instead of EA? Communicate more, and plan resources for regular communication as part of the development project right from the start? Honest question: are there a lot of EA games out there that do what Minecraft has done, i.e. start with a lower price for alpha, and increase it for beta and again for the final release? Perhaps that might have helped a little bit to manage expectations. Alas, I hope that we will still see more AF prototypes turn into real games; would love to get Dear Leader as full game.
  9. This episode makes me kind of sad. Seeing that Broken Age only sold 71k in two months, less then the 87k that they made with the Kickstarter Project in one month, really brings me down. :down: I kind of hope that the situation will get better once Act 2 ships, but I'm not overly optimistic.. Also, I think they should have shortened the beta period, especially after the embargo snafu. While I totally understand Oliver's point of view, the proportions of the beta group and the "end user" group were just not right: 90k backers vs. 2k or 4k buyers on day 1? A shorter beta period wouldn't have affected a lot of people. (OK, they probably expected/hoped for more people to buy/play it, and I think they never published how many of the 90k backers played BA within the first day/week; still, I'd expect that number to be higher then 2/4k) A final thought about the difficulty level: I think Tim is spot on with this. BA was one of the few adventure games (perhaps the first adventure game?) that I was able to finish on my own without outside help. That was something I hugely appreciated. (And I play adventure games for 25 years now...) I find it funny that, even in the "the puzzles are too easy!" crowd you can find some people who googled for help... ;-) Look at "Monument Valley" at iOS right now: common complaints right now are: it's too easy, it's too short. Yet, still, it is a hugely rewarding game - and a hugely successful one as well. Perhaps Broken Age Act 1 will do similar successful with the iOS crowd? So, there's hope left! :-)
  10. Hack'n'Slash prototype was ported to Mac at a later time, so it's not totally out of the question. Emulation probably sucks as prototypes aren't really optimized very much. Better go the Bootcamp route.
  11. Do man-months and team size include the outsourced animation team? (Sorry, I forgot that company's name...)
  12. I think today the Day 10 episode will come out, tomorrow the "Play the prototypes" episode, and sometime in the future there will be post-mortem videos. DF12 had one for each prototype, I think they were recorded after the holidays then; not sure what the plan is for DF14.
  13. Well, looking at the post replies/view counts, it looks like "Dear Leader" and "What could go wrong" are 1 and 2; for third place it looks like a very close race between "Steed" and "Derelict". (Personally, I'm rooting for "Derelict"! Go Oliver go! ;-))
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