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  1. Just got the Viewmaster. Cute. Only one reel, Raz's midnight run. Invest that much in Psychonauts 2 and get only one reel? I figured all the reels. Nice, thanks, but kind of chintzy, dudes.
  2. Never mind. Just got the heads up from Fangamer. New toys are on the way.
  3. Where is my Viewmaster? The Raz figure and t-shirt are splendid.
  4. Howdy, y'all Just got word about the new P2 Raz figure now ready to be shipped. I haven't heard word one about the Official DF P2 Custom ViewMaster, though. It isn't even mentioned on the crowdsource page any more. I hope it hasn't been forgotten about in all the hubbub. Bub.
  5. Kickstarter for a real life Lungfishopolis kind of thing is a reality. Article about it is here. Kickstarter is here. Why aren't you sending them money already?
  6. I just pledged for Psychonauts 2, and selected the WR t-shirt as an extra. There was no query about size at the time. Will I be asked which size I prefer before the rewards are shipped? (I hope so!) I would like Men's Large, just in case, for the record.
  7. gridsleep


    I sent in a question but I assume you guys are working 36 hours a day so I'll post here and hope for the best. Will Psychonauts 2 require a VR headset, as does Rhombus of Ruin? I haven't bought RoR because I don't have the money for a headset and won't for, well, ever, probably. If P2 is out of bounds as well I will be very unhappy. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  8. Will DF ever bring back the Psychonauts and THB yo-yos? I lost mine in tragic circumstance and would like to have them again. At least I was able to get a new set of Psychonauts figures. I also lost my t-shirts and signed copies of games and CDs but, I guess, some things can't ever be recovered. Such as my Elf Life coffee cup and Sluggy Freelance Game Called On Account of Naked Chick t-shirt. On that cheerful note... Thanks.
  9. According to this article http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20150630-the-swedish-cheese-that-cant-be-moved Whispering Rock seems to be a real place. "According to the most intriguing theory, the beloved taste is all down to a meteorite that struck the area long ago, creating the lake next to Burträsk..."
  10. I feel sorry for the rat that had to eat Arnold Schwartzenegger's boogers. No wonder he just stood there and let himself be shot. It was suicide by henchman.
  11. Just watched Tim's History Of Me video. An undiscovered genius, for sure. Tim o' Time, you still read these? Tim? You reading this? Bruce Campbell! You have to do a game with Bruce Campbell! If anything will end the world, that's it. DoubleFine and Bruce Campbell creating a game that triggers the Apocalypse. Do it. Don't think about it. Just do it. As for dreams, I had my usual blanket tearing sweat dripping stream of horrifying nightmare, and the few scenes I remember from last night is walking along a public area like I am being led somewhere or brought somewhere, and there is Charlton Heston in nothing but paiseley Speedos, like he's some kind of sex slave, but the 1960's weathered but buff Charlton Heston. Have no idea what that's all about. Then I'm in a building kind of theatre kind of place and there's a klaxxon and people are screaming and there are thumps of explosions, and a sphinx comes up to me, and she has the face of Alice from Superjail! And she holds out her big soft trashcan lid sized paw and says, "Here, take the child" and gives me a baby wrapped in a blanket. And people are saying "Isn't that one of Elizabeth Carters?" or some name like that, indicating the beast and its mysterious owner. Then I am running through this 1800's theater kind of thing trying to find a way through, to save the child, and then I wake up.
  12. This is who we have become. This is who we are. Did any of you, as citizens, approve this? Is this what you want to be? U.S. Assassination Campaign Continues as CIA Drone Targets U.S.-Born Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen The Obama administration launched a drone strike in Yemen last week in an attempt to assassinate a U.S.-born Muslim cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, who has never been convicted of a crime. The attempted assassination of al-Awlaki comes just days after U.S. special forces executed Osama bin Laden and NATO planes bombed Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s compound, killing his son and three grandchildren. Watch/Listen/Read Yeah, I'm still here.
  13. Two words: Bacon Smoothie. Yeah? Hm? Hm? M'Iright? I know that I am.
  14. I remember Zetan. He was supposedly the unbeatable warrior at the far end of the path of enlightenment in the film The Silent Flute more popularly known as Circle Of Iron. Speaking of entertainment, if you've ever played Portal you are probably haunted in your dreams by the spooky, ethereal and yet machine like atmospheric music that pervades the entire game. Well, I just picked up an Access Music Virus C synthesizer and was tooling through the presets, and came across a preset called Badland. It is the exact spooky, ethereal, machine like soothing yet terrifying music yet non music that is heard in Portal. Whoever scored the game must have used a Virus. How's that for a random factoid? OK, I'm done for the day.
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