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  1. This was absolutely awesome material!!! more stuff like this please!!! And questions: - Can Tim tell me how long it take to do that awesome game intro? - If it´s possible can you guys show also SCUMM editor and tools at some point? - And what other software and tools did you use when doing games at that time Thanks Tim!!
  2. Rorschach inkblot test Lunatic asylum Inception movie Mirrorland North Pole Place that can not be imagined Double Fine office Free Write land where everything brought to alive when you think or write something a place where no one can talk. they can only use body language And of course i want to go back to the mansion
  3. Random things you'd like to see in the game

    I like to see memorable game begin..like this Day of the Tentacle intro: Tim or Ron if you read this!! Can you tell me how long take to do that awesome intro to DOTT and who has done it?
  4. New Tenacious D album

    Tenacious D - Roadie music video Brutal Journey: Jack Black Finds His Inner Eddie Riggs
  5. Good stuff thanks you share it!!
  6. Is it really an adventure game?

    well it´s not oldskool adventure game, but i like it
  7. Look awesome and yes it´s remind me Rochard and Trine, but it´s not bad thing they are good games...I would hope that I would be doing this game
  8. New Tenacious D album

    Yeah 'Roadie' is awesome song!
  9. I really love Dott game intro and that music, good memory. I really hope DFA get also cool intro like that