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  1. Your friend is wrong. DFA is far from finished, The Cave is not the Kickstarter game.
  2. Thanks. Guess I'll have to pull out ye-olde Steam log-on if I want to play this game (which I do).
  3. Is there any chance that The Cave might be released off Steam? I really want to play it, but I'm trying to use Steam as little as possible, so I was wondering if I should wait until its released in another way, or if I should just get the Steam version.
  4. Looking at these again, I realized something about these drawings: They, for the most part, look like drawings of the same girl, but in different poses and outfits. The outfits aren't even all that different, they're all short dresses. In a sense I don't really get the point of this thread if you've already decided what the character is going to look like (well, I don't get the point of the whole "which letter do you like" thing, I do get that maybe this thread can serve as constructive criticism). There's a difference between the upper and lower collection of drawings, though, which maybe is the point, and I am missing it. I also agree with SurplusGamer's post about our input maybe getting the character to not look interesting enough, but it's kind of moot since there isn't a big enough variety in how the character looks anyway.
  5. I like, cool-head N, O and P best. If I have to choose one I'd go with Cool-Head N I think.
  6. MI3 was actually my first Monkey Island game, so I've never been able to imagine Guybrush sounding any other way.
  7. "Naaah, I don't want people asking me about Grim Fandango!"
  8. Definitely interesting. I'm often really amused by things like "I can't use these things together" and the like, but it would certainly be cool if a a game tried something a little different, something with more choices or at least less negativity.
  9. This is the greatest idea I have ever heard, bar none.
  10. My first was Monkey Island 3, which I got from my cousin for christmas one year. After that I was always on the lookout for that type of game.
  11. I don't even want to try and imagine what a luberjack might be.
  12. Haven't you played Day of the Tentacle? It's pretty much what you're describing.
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