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  1. Hell yeah I'll talk to people I trust about it, like my brother. But I'm not gonna go blabbing to everyone just for a conversation.
  2. I don't mind either as long as theyre not sure macho alpha male or super slutty Lara croft-y. If both sexes cab relate to them and like them Im alright. it doesnt make much of a difference to me to be honest.
  3. I find "overrated" hard to think about and define and discuss. It just sounds like one doesn't like something that a lot of people liked.
  4. I'd love that version. That would be a great Monkey Island game! But not for this project. I'm looking forward to something new.
  5. Yeah, although Tales isn't my all-time favourite, the last 3 episodes were great (especially the last one)(episode two was alright, but I found one boring), and it was great to see Guybrush with a woman that wasn't Elaine. It made for a very interesting plot. Just because this game came out 9 years after the last, every time I played a new episode and I found an old character I would light up. If only Wally made an appearance!
  6. That's exactly how I feel! I mean, I love Revenge, but Curse just has a place in my heart, as my entrance to the series and adventure games in general, and for that, I owe it a lot.
  7. Sorry. I'm a forum newbie. i.e. This is my first ever forum usage. I got excited for being part of a exclusive club. Next time I'll think twice.
  8. I was just thinking about this, and wondered what die-hard adventure game fans thought was the best/ their personal favourite Monkey Island game.
  9. Edit: Just replayed Monkey Island 2. Yeah, 2 and 3 are equal in my mind now. Honestly, Curse of Monkey Island was my favourite, not by far, mind-you, but still my favourite, with Monkey Island 2 just almost placing first in my list.
  10. How do you guys feel about not necessarily swordfighting, but some game mechanic like that? You know, back and forth funny insults using the dialogue trees (Like those in Monkey Island 1, 3 and 4). Like at a bar or something. Or trying to get past a guard that's guarding some location.
  11. Yeah that seems like a nice state of mind. I'll go with that too.
  12. I found Monkey Island 3 pretty hard the first time I played it. I rediscovered it years later and tried the harder version. So yeah, I'm thankful for two difficulty versions.
  13. I'd prefer the latter. The enhanced Monkey Islands. The goofier and more cartoon-y styles.
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