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  1. I feel like I've gotten an unfair (for Double Fine) amount of value from my backing already, so if it will help you to release the documentary definitely go for it. I'm sure you've thought of this, but of course the vast majority of people will still not watch the documentary, so I'm not sure how valuable it will be promotionally. It will hopefully at least get several additional articles about Broken Age out there.
  2. If they can make a low budget game with the BA engine, I think that's an incredible idea. I love BA, but any way I can get a new adventure game from DF/Tim I would take, and I think one with the budget of BA is off the table.
  3. [Suggestion] Pendleton Ward Puzzle

    Thanks for fully describing this. I also accidentally solved this puzzle, and then spent quite a while searching Meriloft for Gus hoping to interact with him, to no avail. Now I know what to do on my next playthru to get to talk to him :-)
  4. Dialogue is too rapid

    OK, great reason to replay it when the final version comes out! I have no idea how I unhooked him! Thanks. I did this puzzle before talking to Harm'ny, so I don't think I got that hint about the tree roots either. As soon as I got to Meriloft I jumped thru every cloud hole in sight!
  5. I loved wandering the ship. By the time I decided to actually do the head shrinking puzzle, I was so familiar with the ship it was no problem. Maybe it's good that it gives you incentive to explore and learn the ship. There were some sequence breaks while wandering the ship that I believe they are addressing, but other than that, I hope it doesn't change. Oh, and I would like to say kudos to you for making the map and index cards...those are great. It reminds me of when I was playing Fez and had pages of notes.
  6. I have a nitpick that I don't think deserves its own post, so I will put it here If you go back to Meriloft from the lumberjack's house, you barely see Vella's legs disappearing up the ladder before they are gone, it pauses for a couple seconds, then goes to Meriloft. It seems like the cutscene is mis-timed, and we should see Vella climbing the whole time. In fact, the first time I saw this cutscene I thought it was a static picture because Vella's legs disappear so quickly.
  7. Dialogue is too rapid

    When do you actually get to talk to Gus? I just saw him fall out of the tree and disappear forever. I looked all over and couldn't find him. I've beaten the act, BTW, so apparently talking to him isn't necessary.
  8. Interesting...definitely excited to see where this goes.
  9. Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious. It seemed to me that Mother is Vella but older (she says something about being a maiden that escaped the feast, I believe) and that the Dead Eyed God is Shay but older (same clothes, appearance, voice, etc.) So now at the end of Act 1 we have Vella with Old Vella and Shay with Old Shay. Paradox much?? Haha. Anyway, it got me very excited to see where the story is going. This game has an amazing story. I'm hoping the puzzles get more challenging, tho.
  10. I miss having an intro movie.

    I loved the way the game started with just the two characters lying down (which was also resented that awesome tie-together at the end of the Act), and especially with Vella, the way you got the story yourself by talking with everyone at your party.
  11. Crash - Entering Marek's control room

    dustcropper's response reminds me of some more details of my situation: The earmuffs was the first of the 3 puzzles I did, so I had not yet programmed in the course to Doom or attached the toy to the arms.
  12. In the portion of the game where you are manipulating Shay's head size with teleporters, I managed to crash the game when entering Merek's control room area from his bedroom. Unfortunately I don't know the exact sequence because I believe it was pretty long and involved some sequence of teleporter usage. I do know that at one point I entered the control room from Marek's bedroom and the texture showing his camera feeds appeared very large and in front of most of the scene. I then navigated away up thru the chute to the Weaver's room. At some later point I again entered the control room (it was the next time I entered the control room) thru Marek's bedroom and the game crashed to desktop. Restarting the game showed no glitches and allowed me to continue.
  13. Enhancement - skip lines of dialog

    Thanks for the explanation. It would be a nice feature, but so far the dialog has moved at a good clip and I haven't really needed it.
  14. Enhancement - skip lines of dialog

    Doesn't that work in some places, though? This might be another bug. It does seem to work sometimes, but I couldn't tell if it just looked like she (Vella) was moving faster because she was coming from the distance, or if she was actually running.
  15. I don't think so. At least, it didn't look to me like a quick look both ways animation.