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  1. Really brave and heartfelt interview. Props to you for being so open Matt.
  2. Absolutely adored that episode of Sidequest - I love how passionate she is about what she does.
  3. Hey I'm Sketch from the UK - I'm an animator, mainly 3D, and would be interested in helping out.
  4. Really fascinating episode - great to see behind the curtain and the reality of the game development process. Have to say I agree with the decisions. I'd rather have people have more ways to get into Tim's vision for the game, and see his design fully realised, than to have to make cuts and rush something out the door in order to meet a development schedule (within reason). How many times have we played games that showed great promise and then you can feel the moneyman's hand reach in and shut it all down?
  5. I don't know if this is something that has been touched on before, if it has apologies. I'd love to get some discussion from the animators working on Broken Age regarding their process for animating the game in 2D inside of Maya. Things like: - how the characters are built - the rigging process - how it differs from working with 3D characters - general process - pitfalls, bugs and gotchas that they may deal with. If someone has the time to answer or jot a few notes down that would be fantastic. Can't wait for the game to come out. Footnote: I'm an animator myself, although mostly doing motion graphics work at the moment and trying to work on my 3D animation skills (graduated from Animation Mentor but not yet working in the industry), so you can get quite technical in your response if you want.
  6. Really awesome to see the first steps in the process of the visual development Is it common to use AE to block things out in this way, or was that just a choice based on the 2D nature of the game?
  7. Moleskine, pen, pencil, putty rubber - that's me ready to face the world every day. Big gadget and tech fan but something about a notebook let's me just get scribbly.
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