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  1. When the game teaches you that 5/6th of the dialog you're clicking through is meaningless, by the time you near the end there's no incentive other than listening to a brief single line when a dialog choice feels insubstantial. That leads to missing out on items. Not sure there's a way to avoid this scenario given the genre. Just learn to click blindly at all conversation options, since they have no bearing on the story path - it's completely linear, no decisions branch the story that I have seen?
  2. Vella story line had some simple graphics glitches that made it past QA - invisible bucket? Seriously? And Shay story line crashed and burned picking breakfast, right at the start.
  3. Had to look up an answer elsewhere. Goes to show that when clicking through endless inane conversation options, there is going to be one that is a solution even if it seems as plain and pointless as the majority which are dead end options for flavor.
  4. Well as much as I was hoping that pit fruit to a gull would cause a mess on those obnoxious girls (while hating the backtracking)... still stuck
  5. I'm also clueless about the bad singing and how to progress
  6. Check out the bits where the cryogenic suspension was going on...
  7. Just finished Black Lake, and it was wonderful. Those 'enemies' are beautifully designed, and the voice acting is delicious.
  8. Typically normalish, beautifully painted world that slowly develops tears, cracks, fissures that expose... something else?
  9. They could release a dev kit for community contributions. Collectibles and achievements give some people motivation for multiple play throughs. There could be Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer Own Your Mind Mode with extra head explodingly difficult/wonderful/diabolical/delicious puzzles at key points throughout the game, which they would have cut entirely otherwise.
  10. Oh, indeed, sorry I did misunderstand. I think they're likely to show us as they narrow down, but I anticipate they will be wary about big final decisions decided by the kickstarters risking a divide into Those Who 'Won' and Those Who Did Not.
  11. We didn't kickstart a crowd sourced suck fest designed by committee.
  12. I want something similar to the fantastic experiences I had with Day of the Tentacle, and Psychonauts. As a film maker, I want to fund a proper documentary about the process. I want there to be a professionally produced record so other indie developers, small publishers, big blind asshat publishers, other gamers who weren't convinced and very selfishly just myself can see the work, thought, blood, tears, and difficult choices in the development process. I want not to only buy an end product, but influence in a practical way and be given access to see the efforts.
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