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  1. I totally agree; the two short films they have don seem focused on style over any larger attempt at character or plot development. Priority has been given to the visual opportunity scenes might afford over there impact on the story. However I think there are some great moments in there and some loverly little touches of timing and humour.
  2. Absolutely, its lost non of the charm of its 2D aesthetic. Its like anything, if its done well enough its awesome.
  3. They really do remind me of a Full Throttle / Grim Fandango / Psychonauts / Day of the Tentacle art style
  4. Your very welcome, I am glad you liked it. Its fantastically well done. Just 3D enough to feel right, but never loosing the 2D charm. Beautiful stuff.
  5. Fellow backers of adventure check out http://salesmanbuck.com/ and there fantastic 'Meet Buck' animation http://vimeo.com/17535548 Tell my fellow backers of adventure, dose there work not feel like a fantastic contemporary Double Fine Adventure cut seen? I am sure that this is totally not open for discussion and the Double Fine people are all over the art, but in my overly simplistic view of the universe I think it would be super cool if these guys could team up with Double Fine.
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