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  1. A sigil becomes real

    The House of Ferrus sigil on my new surcoat.
  2. The extra goodies are only for kickstarter backers. The GOG/Steam or other versions have to get them separately.
  3. There should be a direct link on the humble page.
  4. Commentary on Documentary Downloads

    Is there any chance of releasing an mkv version of the doc with the commentary as an option (as mkv allows for multiple audio tracks)? It wouldn't need to be a separate encode. On a related note, how long until the unblurred and colour corrected versions of the documentary are available as downloads?
  5. Fangamer isn't planning to ship anything without checking new addresses. They know plenty of people will have moved by now.
  6. Team Size

    It's a separate budget and team.
  7. Psychomasters Guild of Honour

    Yay! :-D
  8. Psychomasters Guild of Honour

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/vectorferret/ would love an invite. I did cheat my computers clock for the Christmas only achievement, but I hope that won't prevent my joining.
  9. Why Psychonauts 1 is so good for me

    The levitation power is a must. I was enjoying the game before, but that was pure joy to explore the camp with.
  10. Multiple Playable Characters, and/or Character Costumes?

    At first I thought a costume quest type system would be the best for the sequel, then I realized how awesome it would be to play as different agents for different parts of the story; each one carrying out their part of the mission.
  11. What biker gang are you?

    I'm going to have to go with polecats. (Points to username and avatar.)
  12. Kickstarter Physical Rewards ETA?

    They will email before it ships to let you know and make absolutely sure your address hasn't changed (seeing as it's been a long time). Final everything isn't quite done yet (I bet the art book will be awhile, as that requires plenty of layout work).
  13. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    Its in the same humble email as the game download. You can both download the doc and game as well as get the Steam and VHX keys there.
  14. The game is now what I always remember it being.
  15. Kickstarter Physical Rewards ETA?

    Still no ETA. The documentary needs to go through a final colour correct, sound pass and edit as well as blur removals. They also need to do the layout and design for the art book and get those signed.