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  1. The House of Ferrus sigil on my new surcoat.
  2. The extra goodies are only for kickstarter backers. The GOG/Steam or other versions have to get them separately.
  3. Is there any chance of releasing an mkv version of the doc with the commentary as an option (as mkv allows for multiple audio tracks)? It wouldn't need to be a separate encode. On a related note, how long until the unblurred and colour corrected versions of the documentary are available as downloads?
  4. Fangamer isn't planning to ship anything without checking new addresses. They know plenty of people will have moved by now.
  5. It's a separate budget and team.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/vectorferret/ would love an invite. I did cheat my computers clock for the Christmas only achievement, but I hope that won't prevent my joining.
  7. The levitation power is a must. I was enjoying the game before, but that was pure joy to explore the camp with.
  8. At first I thought a costume quest type system would be the best for the sequel, then I realized how awesome it would be to play as different agents for different parts of the story; each one carrying out their part of the mission.
  9. I'm going to have to go with polecats. (Points to username and avatar.)
  10. They will email before it ships to let you know and make absolutely sure your address hasn't changed (seeing as it's been a long time). Final everything isn't quite done yet (I bet the art book will be awhile, as that requires plenty of layout work).
  11. Its in the same humble email as the game download. You can both download the doc and game as well as get the Steam and VHX keys there.
  12. Still no ETA. The documentary needs to go through a final colour correct, sound pass and edit as well as blur removals. They also need to do the layout and design for the art book and get those signed.
  13. Fangamer will send out an address confirmation before the box is shipped.
  14. This! I assume it was cut down because of spoilers but seeing the whole thing would be amazing.
  15. So I have the backer early release email, but Steam rejects that code both as a new product and beta access code and I have no idea where else it would be entered. Edit - Never mind, as an overeager idiot I entered that code into a different games betas.
  16. It's a pretty good as an emulation machine. I wouldn't mind getting one for that purpose. Also, if you have the skill to sideload, an awesome media player. (The official xbmc is way to far out of date, but you can sideload a newer one.) I got one solely to watch "digital copies" like the DFA documentary on my TV rather than dealing with the nightmare that is Roku/Boxee/Chromecast/AppleTV/Whatever.
  17. The final build is supposed to make the acts seamless, so someone who didn't know about the split won't realize it ever happened. Steam does have cloud saving enabled by default for BA, and it is possible to copy the GOG save over to the steam version (and vice versa). Also, BA has a manual cloud save option (that syncs the save to dropbox) so you can enable that in the GOG version to get it in Steam (probably easier than manual for most people). They made that so the iPad/Android versions can be save shared with the PC version.
  18. If everything goes according to plan, the same time as all the others.
  19. Now, Oliver probably knows a lot better than me, so take this with a grain of salt. I have no idea why they can't just bundle an rdelta (or xdelta) payload with the standard software used for those. (Create one of the original and updated install directories.) The programs are GPL, so very easy to get a hold of. I've used that myself with fairly nooby customers. Define "fairly nooby." Was that thousands of people whom you can't support personally and who have a "I paid for this, I want to click on something and have it work" attitude? Because I'm pretty sure that's what you're dealing with here. Not thousands. As I said, Oliver probably knows better. Nooby as in highly educated people in non-computer fields (as highly educated people usually are the least skilled/knowledgeable in things outside their speciality). Saying what sort of people risks giving away [software company I work for], which they are not okay with as they worry someone would take it as official opinion. I haven't heard of any reported problems from the customers, but if it was a small number I doubt they'd pass it on to my department (as tech support is separate from development, and hates us, but hey, it's mutual.)Edit - Although the double click and it works, is how it goes. It would only fail if they made a change to a patched file separate from the patcher (such as a crack, or unofficial mod).
  20. It's almost certainly a retailer. An employee buying a copy in advance is very common in retail. It only takes one of them to copy the iso or just files and it`s in the wild.
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