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  1. You didn't buy Broken Age, you donated money to a fundraiser and got that stuff as a thanks for your help.
  2. I am really, really, REALLY excited for this. But if I play the game later today, it feels like I'm "cheating" by not waiting for the full release...
  3. As for The Dig, I thought the game in general was... I don't want to say illogical but when so many of the puzzles involve ancient alien mechanisms, abstract reasoning just goes a bit too far, you know?
  4. I think it's possible for them to prolong the development beyond 2013. Remember, DF made a lot of money off the Humble Bundle and also the Massive Chalice surplus.
  5. I played Myst as a 6-year old and never made it very far, but do have very fond memories of the game. However, to this day, I still believe Myst IV is the most beautiful game ever created. No game has blown my mind more than that game.
  6. After reading Programming Update 7, I thought, what if inventory items could be visible in other ways than inside the inventory box? Let's say you pick up a scarf, and during the time that you carry this scarf, you will see your character actually wearing it. I'm not saying this should affect gameplay but rather serve as a visual goodie.
  7. I kinda like the idea of non-stationary conversations, maybe not with the cell phones though.
  8. Var håller alla ni äventyrsnördar hus egentligen?
  9. Like the article mentions, it's all restricted by the amount of time and money the developers are willing to put into the project. With voice acting, this unfortunately becomes a much bigger problem.
  10. The links appear to be broken, here are working ones: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-07-03-watchmen-co-creator-dave-gibbons-plans-to-make-new-original-adventure-with-beneath-a-steel-sky-broken-sword-developer http://www.gamestar.de/news/pc/2569596/beneath_a_steel_sky.html
  11. So my wallet gave in to the pressure and I got the game. And I can't say I'm the least bit disappointed. I mean, wow. This is truly a cinematic game done right. Still, I don't think these are gameplay elements that should be included in DFA. If so, it should be a single choice near the end of the game, like in King's Quest VII.
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