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  1. In the missile silo area I pulled all the fruit out of the fruit bowl then hit save and quit and exited the game. Upon continuing the game the bananas were no longer present and there were no more to get from the fruit bowl. I thought maybe i'd just misplaced them, but I spent an hour double checking and scanning the level but there are nowhere to be found. It really sucks since it was the last of my characters' areas so I'll have to start the whole game over again from the top.
  2. I would also benefit from online multiplayer as most of my gaming buddies are out of state and I don't have enough controllers to make this work even if they were here.
  3. I'm a little sad the hipsterjack won't be in the final game, now that you've given him and his world such personality now. Maybe make a mini-game involving him for the website?
  4. I think you're assuming too much about the gameplay of this game based on the story setup! I suppose I could be, but I do feel that telling two stories at the same time could definitely take away from immersion a bit.
  5. Oooh *Wince* I probably in the minority here, but Tim seems to have chosen the one style of adventure game I could never really deal with. I've played short adventure game where you played as an alien fast food worker in a space station burger joint in English at the top while also playing as a medieval samurai woman with a need to appease several spirits in order to save her village in Japanese on the bottom. Whatever you did on the top one corresponded directly to the bottom one and vice versa and it's a terrible way to break atmosphere and it was hard to get fully absorbed into either story, like trying to listen to two audio books of a different genera at the same time. Especially since you had to choose between action on the bottom and comedy on the top and I feel like having both happen at the same time each took away from the other. However, if it’s Tim, he'll probably find a way to work around those pitfalls and still be able to make another classic humorous game out of it and change my mind about that kind of storytelling.
  6. I always considered myself an adventure game fan, but I've played maybe 4 games on this list. I voted Seven Days a Skeptic despite Five Days a Stranger being my actual favorite of the series. I think the past ten years was actually a great time for adventure games. The internet allowed tons of indie developers to come onto the scene and make and share some really unique games (Via Steam, Kongregate, and other sites) that I'm surprised didn't make it onto the list. My favorite of the strictly point and click variety was The White Chamber by Studio Trophis. It's Anime style Sci-Fi Horror that's a little on the gory side with 8 different endings and, a creepily awesome ambient soundtrack reminiscent of Silent Hill, and decent voice acting.
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