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  1. Works fine for me. No stuttering in SD or HD. The film itself looks a bit on the "soft" side like a very light film grain even in HD. Can't tell if that's how the movie is shot or if it has anything to do with compression. Windows 7x64, Firefox 12 * Edit: added specs
  2. Great vid, Love the idea of a coming of age story, this brings so much options. Take a journey into the unknown and see if what you've learned thus far all holds up. Definitely a promise of infinite possibilities. Just finished Terry Pratchett's coming of age story "Nation". Loved it for the humor, the mystery and the opinions one forms when faced with certain discoveries.
  3. Thanks for the update, I think the influence of the backers is just right, hear whats being discussed but do what you think it takes to make this game great. I'm also glad the preorders are up, its good for Double Fine and that means more polish on this game and will probably help funding bigger and better games in the future. Its also great for people who couldn't back this project on Kickstarter for whatever reason. This way more people can enjoy the ride, which I still think is the best part of the project. Making this decision after the rather heated debate on the preorders thread only boosted my confidence in the project.
  4. The quality and content of the video's released thus far is amazing. Would love to see these "Sidequest" video's make it onto the the DVD/Blu-ray. If not, they should at least be added to the HD downloads. Can't wait for the next one. Keep up the good work!
  5. Had to pick Blue-Ray as the physical HD backup which I can use on the laptop. I'll miss out on playing it on the home cinema DVD player, but then again, I'll watch the streamed/downloaded version enough times before the disc set even arrives.
  6. Great idea. If you are going to do pre-orders, now would be the most profitable time. The ability to see the documentary, play the beta as the game development progresses and being able to provide feedback is a unique proposition. I'll probably enjoy the journey of this game's development just as much or even more than the actual game itself.
  7. The Curse/FT system, or something like the new MI2 remake streamlines the interaction to the point where I'm just thinking about the game not the interface. Sure I miss out on other (invalid) options but over half the time you'll get generic responses to those. I'd much rather get my challenge from combining inventory items and having multiple stages in each puzzle. Perhaps it could be an option. "Old-school verb mode", where you have the classic verbs or "I like my adventure on cruise-control" for the curse/FT dial, or a interpreter for the real diehards..
  8. Tim worded it so nicely in his speech. "Why does a big company get to choose what movies I watch or what TV-shows I watch and what games I get to play". Double fines track-record is a chain of original games that ooze atmosphere and yet they sell a fraction of the next call of duty. I want to play these games. I wanted to back this project to support this great company. Besides the old Lucasarts adventure games where great!
  9. Myst 2nded, pretty environments but very bland valve/button pushing puzzles.
  10. I'd enjoy something historical, with a bit of folklore here and there. Just to make it something you can relate to, but with bits like gods playing with the lives of men and talking inventory items in the mix. A game with lots of humor, I'd like to have a grin on my face for the entire play through.
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