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  1. Haha wie genial Verfolge den Majus schon seit ich den Monkey Island Flashfilm mal gefunden hab. Der hat mich dann das erste mal dazu aufgerafft das auch mal zu spielen. Danke dafür! Lange zeit gabs ja dann nich viel neues auf dem Blog, aber schön zu sehen wohin dich das alles gebracht hat Wird man sicher noch viel hören
  2. I'd say something between "I’d like to contribute if given a choice by the developers." and "This game is made by Tim, Ron and the DF Team - let them work their magic!" They should do what they want, but some polls or official critique threads when they release early versions would be nice. But yeah, all the other DF and Pre-DF games by Tim schafer were awesome without big input of fans so just let them do what they want
  3. Not a game, but I think the cancelled Curse of Monkey Island Movie would have been awesome
  4. you pay so you can back a project, to make it possible, in terms of money, not to be a producer and have actual input on it. Unless of course the makers ask for it, like in official threads in the backer forums, some polls or critics about the beta versions and stuff. Nothing actually big...
  5. Definitely music, atmosphere, the story and good, intuitive gameplay. Even though in this case we're limited to the "rules" of a classic adventure, you can't do tooo much with that, gameplay-wise. But apart from a good, suspenseful story, the atmosphere and therefore the music is very important. Since gaming is mostly supposed to be fun and interactive rather than telling a deep, meaningful story (I'm not saying storys in games are bad, there are some games with really deep stories and games are just another form of media like movies, but as said people mostly play games because it's fun.), the story doesn't have to be tooo intuitive and new. I mean, one of my all-time favorite games is Portal 2, and the main story basically is [spoilerS, OBVIOSULY] you become friends with someone, he becomes evil, and, what a twist!, you have to work together with your enemy to defeat your now-evil-"friend". Nothing THAT new, but the gameplay, music and overall atmosphere plus the way the story is told (awesome images/scenes from the players POV, no Cutscenes, AWESOME!) is just PERFECT imho. I play it over and over again and it never gets old, I really love it. Plus, about music, a catchy theme is always awesome Just think about Super Mario, or also of course the Monkey Island series. Some catchy melody that always appears in the soundtrack, slightly altered (well, that's basically how a soundtrack is made. But you get the idea ;P) to fit the situations is just perfect. Something that instantly gets in your head when you think about the game. But yeah, I don't think you want to start a new series, so it's not THAT necessary to have a catchy theme. One-time-games without a big franchise don't really need that. But still, a good game is nothing without a good soundtrack!
  6. Monkey Island 3. The real one, made by ron Gilbert *_*
  7. Controlling the story is pretty cool, but I hate it because I then always want to see all Endings and all Alternatives there are o_____o
  8. "Oh that guy who was part of the Monkey Island series and has this game studio I heard of where Ron Gilbert is working, too makes an Adventure game? The Video is pretty funny, heh. 15 bucks? I'm in!"
  9. Why are so many people on here thinking we can actually make important decisions about the game or be a part of actually developing it? Apart from some official polls/topics on here by DF members or Betatesting we probably don't have anything to say. I don't get why everyone is thinking we're all producers of the game, because we aren't. We just paid to get some insight in the developing and have the game right when it's done. It's not like we can all decide exactly what's happening to it. What I'm trying to say: Stop all those annoying Polls ;D
  10. But adventure games are more about actually solving the puzzles rather than just finding the Items^^ everyone should be able to find Items but not everyone can solve the riddles.
  11. I really like this surreal-Psychonauts-like theme, but on the other hand, there already is Psychonauts :DD They should do something completely new, not a Pirate story or some Sci-Fi story with elements everyone has seen thousands of times. Something new and exciting. I have no idea what exactly, but Double Fine games all have Settings you don't see THAT often so I'll trust them
  12. Hell, I don't even know anymore... I think it was some Gaming podcast but I don't really know. Though I DO know that I immediately wanted to back this project (which I obviously did )
  13. I think there WILL be some kind of weekly updates when actual game-developing starts. Right now it's probably just finding ideas, brainstorming, planning and stuff. Probably not really exciting to make weekly long update videos about ;D And Tim already made a new Topic where he showed his new notebook for the game, so that's pretty much where they are right now... I mean, they have like a year time. Don't expect too much to happen in the first few weeks^^
  14. Last game I finished was Curse of Monkey Island, finally after I got it to work on my computer after a few years (of not trying ;P). Right now I'm playing Psychonauts, bought it on Steam yesterday and I really like it so far I somehow really wanted to play some of those Jump'n'run-games I always played on my PS2 again, so I randomly looked up psychonauts and it's exactly what I wanted. Plus it's made by double fine
  15. The first adventure Game I started was Curse of Monkey Island. I remember my sister telling me I should "at least play something good if you spend that much time in front of the computer", handing me the game But I never finished it until recently. I don't even know why, really. The first one I finished was Monkey Island 1. I started it because of the . Back then I always knew Curse was the third part of the Monkey Island series but I think it was the graphics that kept me from playing the first two :DD The flash cartoon made me realize how awesome the story is and so I tried it. I enjoyed it so much that I played the second part right after that
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