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  1. These videos are so amazing. I think that the money I put in this project has payed off already in watching these films. I was wondering about the end credits music. What is the song title and who made it? I love that song and I would like to get it if possible. Or will it be included in the documentary soundtrack? I want to listen to it again and on the go. Thank you and keep up the great work
  2. I found this interesting. It even had me wanting to play the game engine just to poke around and see how games are played from an early development cycle. Maybe for a future update you can talk about the process of applying actual game data into the game engine and the problems that ensue because of it.
  3. This was a very interesting video of the atmosphere before the project was considered funded. It has made me very excited for the future episodes that are coming. I can't wait for the design process for the game. That is the area that I want to see behind the scenes the most. Keep up the good work.
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