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  1. Going back and forth between Kid Icarus Uprising and Dark Souls over here. Both very amazing games. Uprising in particular feels like the freshest experience I've had with a Nintendo game since... hell, I think Metroid Prime or Wind Waker.
  2. Why not both? I'd imagine a simple toggle system could be implemented to switch between night and day. Skyward Sword allowed Link to sleep on a bed to switch between daytime and nighttime, so why can't the hero of Double Fine Adventure do something similar?
  3. A big YES on the multiple solutions bit. Anyone here play Scribblenauts? A big part of that game was coming up with the most absurd solutions possible. I'm not saying we need to have a thousand solutions to one problem, but maybe some subtle differences. i.e., you're in a room with a lever on the wall and you need to pull it, but it's out of reach. You could 1) push the nearby crate up to the wall to give yourself a boost, 2) grab the ladder on the far wall so you can climb up to it, or 3), attach a hook to a length of rope, and pull the lever down by catching the hook on it. Same goal in the end, but a different solution. Whether or not they change the outcome of the plot, like in Fate of Atlantis, I'd need to know more of the general premise before I could say something to that effect.
  4. I agree on the double-click options, wholeheartedly. Double-clicking an exit to switch rooms is one of the things I liked about The Dig's design. Also, question, are we going to be able to visit every area at any given point in the game? Or will we be going through different "stages" as we progress, a la Loom or the Indiana Jones games? If the former, I'd definitely agree on an auto-travel system of some sort.
  5. Well, there's a couple reasons on my part. Major publishers, especially US-based publishers, pass up the best new ideas in favor of the same ol' same ol' because it sells. I can only imagine that they're kicking themselves after seeing how much DFA raked in with the Kickstarter. That isn't the biggest driving point for me, however. I contributed because I fell in love with the point-and-click genre with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis when I was... damn, I can't remember how old I was. Anyway, as time passed I had come across many more amazing point-and-clicks, from Beneath a Steel Sky, to the Monkey Island saga, and even the Ace Attorney series. There aren't many games left that dare to make the player think; dare to make them experiment. And all the while, the point-and-click delivers a narrative much better than any morality-based RPG or wartime FPS can ever hope to achieve. Can't let that genre just vanish in a puff of smoke.
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