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  1. This is really annoying. click the superhero icon to get to the roster. scroll down the roster list click the back arrow some times the arrow works but usually what happens is it unchecks the hero under the back arrow. in a related effect, some buttons can be half pressed; they become depressed and require a second click to complete.
  2. aliens pre-fight dialog: invalid linecode: alino21alin @man: alino20hero
  3. I'm assuming you're doing 2d graphics, not 3d. It work something like this: - Create a copy of the office with no characters. Call this the background. It should have all beds, etc. in place. - Calculate (or pre-calculate) any over-hangs on objects (e.g. the top and left sides of the bed, the computer monitors, etc.) Put those on a transparent image. Call this the foreground. - All characters walk in the middle-ground. - Make sure all pathing areas do not include walking close (under) walls. This makes the UI easier (you can find/tap characters easier) as well as making it unnecessary to z-index the walls. - You then end up with two solid images for foreground and background that won't change (except when people level things up) and a middle-ground where characters roam. You can use the view-port to decide when to render a character. Alternatively, you can use 3d to this, but then you have other things that cost memory and cpu. Which can be tricky. If you look at Simpson's Tapped Out on an iPad with lots and lots of buildings, you can catch it removing and rendering things as they get to the edge of the screen. That makes me think they only render what's on screen at the moment. That can be done too, but you have to carefully keep track of *everything* independently of the view-screen. It's do-able, as well. Ciao!
  4. Typo during cloning boss level. Galaxy girl said "is that is the cloning machine..." Also: the news paper at the says "city prison converted to veritable" there is no noun at the end. This on iphone5
  5. - focus isn't really explained. Is it the meter for using powers? - awareness isn't explained. No clue. Brains? - how to change/select powers isn't explained: tap power in office on character sheet. - I understand that 4 characters in the office is a limit of memory, but it really makes things awkward. Re: z-buffer problems/memory. Have you considered pre-rendering the office into one big image and only loading closer objects as characters approach them?
  6. If you listen to audible, then start MMoJ it stops audible. It'd be better to just mute the by music.
  7. How do I use the powers I learn by practicing? I don't see buttons, etc. Also, I hate how when I use a super power (eg business gun by sweet justice ) it can miss if the guy dies before the power fires. I would expect the next guy to get hit or the power use would be canceled.
  8. Funnily enough. I find something like the coin copier less offensive than buying superium. And frankly, the superium is much less offensive (though I didn't know it till I played a bunch) than the (for example) the donuts in the simpson's tapped out. It's a scale, and I think for the most part, DF did a good staying on the "be good!" part of the scale. It's just that you can't tell by looking at the app description/reviews (yet?).
  9. more: - when starting battles. the hero selection acreen is annoying because you have to scroll. maybe hav an "add all" button? - collecting coins on map screen is annoying. do the speech bubbles change size? its annoying to have variable sized touch targets.
  10. ok. suggestions/issues: - the forums arent iphone/ipad friendly. they are ok (I'm on an iPad now) but if you link to it in your game.... - it should be made clear at the beginning that if an area on the map is unhappy, it isnt a huge deal. maybe start the game with an unhappy and explain it as "you're herer to make them happy". - I turned on icloud sync to switch from iphone to ipad, but haf to go through a bunch of the tutorial to get the settings menu to show up. thankfully mmoj detected the newer save in icloud and didnt overwrite it. you should check the icloud on initial run, once, since the tutorial takes over everything. - the text for the coin copy machine would be better if it talked about supporting double fine. buying in game money feels less....permanent than buying virtual equipment. i guess it is like the difference between getting a gift card or an actual gift as a present. ok this turned out to be harder to explain than i thought. - there need to be a better notifications. eg heros fighting in the backgroud, i never know when they are done. ditto for collecting coins. id also like to know when anyone is idle. well, that's all for the moment. ciao!
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