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  1. These updates make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It's good to know how it's coming along
  2. I don't really like N as much because I like the diamond heads the best. so Probably N is my favorite. I love this so far EDIT: haha Oh WOW I messed up this post i meant to say O is my favorite
  3. there should be a documentary on the documentary. the double fine adventure adventure: the filming!
  4. oh jeez. I'm going to list any places I'd like and see if anyone's listed the same -feudal japan world -"start trek" scifi world -meat circus world. trust me on this one, guys. -Backer world? references to forum users here and other backers by using their usernames or something? obviously with their permission -mysterious forest-y jungle-y LOST world. -a world where fish fly, the grass is blue, and blue whales and octopi have conquered the sky. I'd really like this one. -80's slasher horror movie world. or a halloween world -fat world -maybe a christmas world. or you can jumble it up with halloween and make a holiday world. different parts of the world are on different holidays? -food world! -musical world! I think that's it for now but if anyone wants to say no or give more ideas off of mine feel free. I would LOVE if one of these worlds were actually in the game because of me
  5. yes. yes! YES! These updates are delicious. These updates.......they please the Cello. The Cello loves the updates. Please give cello more updates. Cello needs the updates! UUUUUUUPDAAAAAAAAATESSSSSSS
  6. I loaded up the game again and noticed I missed one challenge marker back to the meat circus!
  7. I loaded up the game again and noticed I missed one challenge marker back to the meat circus!
  8. I got everything there is to in the game and I even beat the punching game. The collective unconscious even tells me that I 100% all of the levels and I collected everything ever. But I'm still in Rank 100. How do I gain an extra rank??
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