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  1. The sign puzzle is awesome. One of my favorites of the game. The shock absorbers puzzle is fine, and once you figure out the mechanics is super easy. Even if you don't know what to do, there aren't many different combinations to try. The beavers puzzle could be improved, I still don't know why beavers need to be on fire to be able to "swim". The sequence of actions seems a bit arbitrary. I liked the petrified forest in general, it's a nice location.
  2. I tend to agree. I think Grim Fandango is the best game ever, but I don't think the remaster is adding much to it, calling it a remaster is too much, I'd call it a re-release. It's still a great game, I'll still play it and show it to all my friends, but I still have to warn them that it is a very old game so they don't get disappointed with the low res backgrounds and low poly count on the models. And now there's this weird contrast between the models with awesome textures and the backgrounds. I was surprised when I left Manny's office right at the beginning and Eva (the secretary) looked like it was popping out of the screen, it was far away but super high res and colorful textures, didn't fit at all with the background. Note that I'm playing the game at 2560 x 1600 in a 30" monitor.
  3. Yes, being able to choose subtitles independently from voice is super important. As it is, I definitely cannot recommend the game to anyone in my family because they don't speak English and the voices in Spanish are awful . I would have also liked to see improved models, most of them are pretty good but some are really bad. One particular example is the paper Manny gets from the tube at the beginning. I was showing the game to my girlfriend and she said "is this really the remastered version?". I don't think the models require much improvement, Manny's model for example is great except for the shoulders where it looks kind of funny when he moves his arms.
  4. I just installed the game and it doesn't work as it should. -Everything looks black except Manny (see attachment). -It also works super slow, my computer is kind of old (3 years) but it has decent hardware (I can run Crysis 2 pretty much without any issues) Any suggestions?
  5. What do you guys expect from the Grim Fandango remaster? should it be a frame by frame replica of the original game but with improved graphics, sounds, etc? (like the Monkey Island remakes) or do you guys expect maybe new scenes, puzzles, or other gameplay elements? Personally, I don't want something that is exactly like the original one. For one simple reason: the original one already has good enough graphics and sound. Sure, they can be improved, but I still think that the Grim Fandango graphics are awesome, so making it a bit more awesome is not something that excites me. I would like to see a bit of new content. For example, get to see more of the Day of the Dead festival on the street! I imagine finding the source of the music (the festival music is my favorite music in any videogame), a calaca music band or something. The Grim Fandango world is so rich that I would love to explore it more. How about showing more of the giant cats in rubacava? how nice it would be to watch a race. The story in general I don't think should be touched, maybe a couple of new puzzles could be nice, from wikipedia: "Even with the delay, the team had to drop several of the puzzles and characters from the game, including a climactic five-step puzzle against Hector LeMans at the conclusion of the game;" I would love to see some of the original puzzles Tim had in his mind that didn't get into the game.
  6. I think Lehm2000 explained it perfectly: "It instantly detaches you from the character.". That's how I felt during the first scene with Vella, completely detached.
  7. Sure, but in movies or books, the reader is not supposed to BE the character. You are not supposed to place yourself in the character's place and make decisions, because well... books and movies don't allow you to make decisions. In videogames however you are asked to control a character, to decide what the character is going to do or say. Whenever I play these games I try to immerse myself as much as possible in the character and try to do in the game what I would do if I was there as the character. I particularly disliked having to make Vella ask questions and tell things that I would have never said in her place. For example, take someone that playing the game for the first time, and she's given the possibility to ask “Why don’t we fight mog Chothra?” to Levina. Why would she pick that choice? is there any other reason than just "clicking on every option to see what happens?"
  8. Well... I played the game on a 2560 x 1600, 30" monitor. I noticed a lot of low res backgrounds The characters looked great most of the game though!
  9. When I started playing with Vella I felt like I missed the part where it's explained that she's a sacrifice girl. I mean this is how the game starts: - Vella wakes up, her sister is looking for her. - Vella says she's not scared (about what?), that it's a great honor (what is?) - Surprise party, people are proud, they want to celebrate and eat. The knife's missing. Clearly a special day for vella. Then you can start talking to people, say you talk to Levina, you have the following option: "Why don't we fight mog Chothra?". If I hadn't been following the development of the game and watched the trailer I would have been like... WTF. You can also ask her "Why was I chosen?" emm.. for what?, and the answer doesn't really help understand what she's talking about. Anyway I guess people can eventually figure out what's going on, but I try to imagine someone who's not a backer playing this game and it seems like a very weird (and definitely not good) way to introduce the story and characters. As it is now, I feel like I need to tell people to watch the Vella trailer before playing the game if they don't want to be completely confused at the beginning.
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