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  1. Made a new topic in the General Discussion and just as I pressed "submit post" I realised I should have searched "two guys from andromeda" not "spaceventures" ... oh well. Anyways, Two Guys From Andromeda Kickstarter has begun. Link to the topic in General Discussion Link to the SpaceVentures Kickstarter page
  2. Two Guys From Andromeda - the creators of Space Quest - has started their own kickstarter for SpaceVentures. So who's going to pledge? I know I will. PS. Before anyone asks if this is Space Quest sequel, no. Or atleast I don't think so. But do not fall in to despair, I picked this up from the comments:
  3. Pledged for $25, probably will at least double it when i know i have the money. I learned English by playing Larry and other Sierra adventure games with a dictionary on my lap. Good times.
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