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    Not London (i wish) Illinois
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    Videos. Games. Combine the two for an explosion of awesome that I've been greatly enjoying since age three. Yes, thats is corrects. Mario Kart 64. I'm 14 (SOON) I love Double Fine. The greatest game developer. Ever. Double Enter
  1. DoubleFine $3,336,371

    Why did it take so long for someone to post I mean come on you guys.
  2. holy shit

    Logging in for the first time in years to say oh my god this thread
  3. Adventure Time!

    I guess I've returned to fill his place.
  4. Away for a while. You remembuh me :3
  5. hoooooooooooolyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Day one. Day effin' one.
  6. Will Brutal Legend have a SEQUEL?

    I don't really come to DFAF anymore, but I just want to be the first to say WHAT THE FUCK
  7. What's next?

    http://www.doublefine.com/jobs/ DF is hiring for an original IP. I'll grab the champaign.
  8. www.GOG.com Just spreading the word.
  9. Because Rai said so. But seriously...
  10. Your favourite quotes (may include spoilers)

    'It is time for you... To Shut the Hell up Lionwhyte!" I lol'd And then there's... EDDIE: "How about this? How about you take off your fucking diaper, put away your little baby foofoo, and GO DO YOUR FUCKING JOB RIGHT NOW!!" MANGUS: "Dude, not cool, man! I only wear this thing so I don't have to stop the bus to take a leak!"
  11. Same. First try. I was surprised at how easy it was. 50 Point achievement, scratch that one off of the list.
  12. x

    GT: Hughesta Count my ass in.
  13. Brutal Legend. I just think it has an overall better story and atmosphere. And yes, I know that I will get multiple death threats for that.
  14. Framerate issues

    Musice from The Mouth Of Metal loops a lot, and the game will crash all together sometimes. i just hit start, and after a minute or so, everything catches back up again. Other than complete and total crashing, I have no framerate issues altogether.
  15. Brutal Legend Tournament?

    HELL YEAH! I'm in!