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  1. Did I just see a screen from Broken Age on a Best Buy commercial? Someone has got to have seen this besides me! (Or I am just crazy)
  2. All the feels! This has been a fantastic voyage. Great game. Great documentary. Thank you 2PP. Thank you Double Fine. Thank you Tim.
  3. Yes. Release it. I think of this whole kickstarter as a roller coaster. I bought a seat before the coaster was even built. Or planned out! But here I am now, three years later coasting into the exit depot and I've had a great time; Chills, thrills, laughs and even some scary bits. I got exactly what I paid for and I would LOVE it if others had the chance to take a ride now too. I will always have the honor of saying I was there from the beginning. I even helped get this thing built in some small way! In fact, please release the doc.
  4. This episode was intense. 2PP did a great job conveying the heavy feeling associated with the end of production. The mood has shifted significantly from way back when the project started. This is really the 'way the sausage gets made.' Sad for Isa leaving. Sad for those who had to be laid off last November. I hope when this begins wrapping up in the coming months, that the team can reflect on what the original goals of the kickstarter were, how close everyone came to meeting those goals, what the DFA/REDs project has meant for DF, what it has meant for the gaming world at large, and where does everyone go from here at the end of Broken Age development. Double Fine produces some mighty fine work. I am sure part 2 will be well worth the wait.
  5. Just got my copy over the weekend! Adore it! Was totally confused that the tote bag wasn't in the same package, but I read the earlier post about it coming later. Way cool. Way awesome. More please.
  6. I've recently been thinking about how sound conveys weight in games. Like in the game Spelunky, if you throw around this big gold key, it has this immense clunky thud that immediately resonates in your brain as a heavy metal object. It adds so much to the experience. Love this episode. Camden has so much love for sound design, it shines through.
  7. I feel so close to all of you there at double fine because of this documentary! Its creepy! I don't care about A-listers and mega stars of music or movies, but all of you there at DF are such heroes to me! (You're not quite B-list celebs like adult film stars and professional wrestlers, but you're all at least C-list right? ) The beginning of this episode was stressful with the PR snafu/embargo dealio. I guess these type of troubles were bound to happen considering the newness of this territory. I think you've made it on to the other side though as the initial release numbers are respectable and will only increase as Act II brings us to the stunning conclusion. Bottom line: Broken Age and more importantly the Broken Age EXPERIENCE (Documentary, forums, community) is unlike anything else out there in the entertainment world today. Its incredible. So enthused to be apart of it and peek into your awesome company. Also, Remo! Nooooooooo! I knew he'd left earlier thru his Idle Thumbs stuff, I guess I'll have to watch more of his Spelunky Daily Challenges to get a Remo dose. Good Luck at Campo Santo Remo!
  8. Yeah! I loved 1984! (The book and the year ) Could find some good stuff in Animal Farm too. George Orwell wrote some very interesting stuff about totalitarian forms of government.
  9. Just brainstorming here about propaganda. I don't usually think of awesome qualities of leaders when I think of propaganda. Maybe these thoughts don't belong here, but I am hoping for some game features like: 1.Subversive people jailed and accused of crimes they didn't commit twisted as the leader effectively safekeeping the people's way of life. Could be used as a game mechanic for keeping the people happy/unaware as you get rid of those who oppose you. 2.Frequent use of buzzwords like "Infidel" or "Imperialist Dogs" for outsiders and others like "Comrade" or "Citizen" for those within the system, creating an us verses them mentality. 3. Blaming mistakes or things that go wrong on your enemies. ie: There is little food because enemies of the state poisoned the fields. I am really interested about how the player will control the various propaganda machines and what forms they will take.
  10. I played the game the day it came out and was able to devote more time to complete it the following weekend. (Four hours total I think) I didn't initially post what I thought of it, because I figured one more voice among the crowd didn't matter too much. After watching this latest doc episode though, I decided to post. It can't hurt to have more love after all and that's exactly what I felt: lots of love! Broken Age has been so much more than a game. Its been a two year experience. I've invested not just my initial backing money, but time watching the videos, comments here on the forums, and dreams about magic created by good people with great ideas. Everyone did a fantastic job. I can't wait for more from Double Fine. Thank you for letting us into your world!
  11. EPIC. Just seriously epic. My mind is blown into bits. Could you please hire 2pp to film all your releases? They're doing a great job and this whole thing is making me wish I had gone into game production instead of math education.
  12. I basically had this exact same thought! I don't have feelings one way or the other towards Elijah Wood. I did enjoy him as Frodo. If he is cast, I think it could lend even more power to the validity of adventure games and kickstarter/abscence of publisher.
  13. I absolutely adored Khris Brown's major role in this bit of the documentary. She is super awesome! She was the one who answered the call box in Monkey 2 right? Even if she isn't, I really loved her comments.
  14. He never did. I misheard Tim at the 29:00 mark. I thought he said he didn't want a two hour game, but he actually said three.
  15. Yes. Yes. Yes! Great episode! 1: My knee-jerk reaction to a two hour game time is disappointment. However, when I think of other short games, like Journey, I realize that it isn't the length but the impact, experience, and ending that matter to me. This is going to be tricky with spreading the game into two parts. Chapter one has to set the stage, introduce the characters, begin them on their journeys....and then somehow end well without irritating your audience. Thinking about the trajectory of Campbell's monomyth, the only way I can think of doing this successfully would be to have your characters reach the point of revelation in Chapter one without conquering the abyss. Star Wars did exactly that at the end of Empire Strikes Back. Luke realized Vader was his dad, but didn't overcome that final obstacle till the next chapter. Tim did mention that he hated the end of that movie specifically....but perhaps the revelation in Broken Age is easier to wrap our brains around? 2: I like that everyone seems to be cooperating through problems. There isn't overblown drama. Thanks for keeping it real. 3: When Khris Brown was sharing the actual 15yr old girls voice and called it out as "Bitchy," I think it sounded kind of like the Sexy Baby Vocal Phenomenon (Lake Bell coined the phrase. It refers to exactly what it sounds like). Girls in their tweens/teens sometimes adopt the SBVP while trying to find thier own personal voice. Adolescence is the phase of cementing your identity and the SBVP is an emulation technique modeled on media and other social references. All this makes me wonder if Tim is consulting with any women as he writes a coming of age tale for a female character. Not that it would be imperative he do so, I am just thinking it might help to have some personal insight into the dark scary world of pubescent girls. 4: Watching Peter McConnell work is incredible. He wove sounds together like magic!
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