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  1. That creates another problem, in my opinion. Why do they assume you know the riddle in the first place, given who Yorn is (I'm trying not to spoil the end of the puzzle for anyone who is just thumbing through these bugs before playing)? The "anicent knowledge" atmosphere would not be affected if they quoted the riddle after bringing it up. The puzzle loses nothing by having them tell you the riddle up front, but adds some confusion by making the player ask to "hear it again", both confusion over whether they missed a piece of dialog and confusion over why the riddle was presented as common knowledge, only to find out how esoteric the source of the riddle is. I hope this isn't coming off as nitpicking or "angry fan". I loved the puzzle, but the way it is presented made me feel as if I had missed something and after finding out that it wasn't common knowledge even for those who lived in the town, I feel even more puzzled.
  2. Apparently the Riddle Of Yorn does not play correctly when it is mentioned. I only heard the riddle after asking Dead Eye Dawn and Dead Eye Courtney to remind me.
  3. After all of the work that you do to stay hidden from The Computer, with the blow up doll and going through the air grate, I found it odd that once you do end up wandering around the ship, The Computer doesn't seem to mind. You go from sneaking around past curfew to having full access to the ship pretty quickly. A bit of dialog would help, like telling you that it's "morning" (regardless of how dark it is, because you are in space) to let you know that she's not going to shove you back in your room if she sees you.
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