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  1. Steam key issues - RESOLVED!

    ditto, rather than a post here on the board, a general mail to everyone would be appreciated!
  2. I've anxiously been waiting for a new AF announcement, those 2 weeks are my favorite A celebrity guest would be cute, but not essential, the DF crew is talented enough as is. i can imagine though that AF doesn't give it a high priority, as it is more expensive to do than it earns through humble. We'll see, not expecting it anymore in 2016....
  3. Missing backer badges

    I'd to have the MC badge back too
  4. Easter Eggs?

    Are there any easter eggs in act 2? I know the low res option still works, but I can't count that
  5. Steam cards deleted

    yep, same here. It's a shame, but we'll get those cards later I'm pretty sure, as all DF games have cards.
  6. Instructions to extract music

    works for me, but had to close the game first
  7. New stuff on Tumblr!

    Looks great! But what happened to the $ sign?
  8. New stuff on Tumblr!

    maybe the web address is some clue? 80219964612/sggcsntsssfeesrwotosoygl-lesmdetnoedrtsoootstgero-a note the dash before the last a, not present in the text.
  9. voices

    who are the voice actors?
  10. piano work on soundtrack

    I was wondering, are we also listening to an 'improved' midi file for the piano works, or did Camden play it himself?
  11. btw, today i discovered the team playtroughs of the AF 2012 games (recorded 1.5 months after AF) on the humble bundle site. Not sure if these are also on youtube. Also, they do Brazen, technically not an AF 2012 game.
  12. watch out for spoilers though! LPBB has a huge potato scene pretty early on (before anyone is selected), i was not expecting that. Mnenomic is naturally a huge spoiler. Steed and Dear Leader are ok to watch i guess, not too many spoilers. My plan is to re-watch it after i have played the games.
  13. I missed the twitch stream, and can't find it at past broadcasts... Any clue where to find the archived version?
  14. I missed the twitch stream, and can't find it at past broadcasts... Any clue where to find the archived version?
  15. potato

    As all teams dutiful replace spoilers with the word potato, I have to share this great song: Potato Chips: