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  1. Is winning a propaganda war against the guttersnipes of the internet really worth any time and effort? I personally don't think so. The documentary is many hours long now, do you really think people critical of you on the internet without a clue will bother to watch it all and/or with an open mind? I think you'd just open yourself up for more criticism when they connect dots they imagine and quote you out of context, I believe it would just add fuel to the fire. And while if we're honest most if not all parts of the documentary are floating around the tubes to be pirated, so what would "giving it away" change? Those who want to see it more than likely already have. But as others have said I pretty much expected it to get wider free/cheap release once the game was done, if that happens a few weeks early to give the game a little positive press/attention leading up to release It's no skin off my nose, I've got way more value for my money contributed However, And no insult to anyone intended but I think its disingenuous to frame this as a battle for hearts and minds on the internet, you're not running a political party here, its a niche game for a niche audience which may well struggle to sell in significant numbers. But, at the end of the day to get some positive press leading up to release is a good idea and having watched the documentary well, i think I know that this is more the angle you are now attempting to sugar coat. So I don't see this as a "swift one" or a "betrayal" just exactly what it is in reality, a good business decision.
  2. No problem While I agree with some sentiments here about their objection to "big data" its a shame threads like this have to get weighed down by a bunch of internet superheros trading barbs and trying to look smarter than they most obviously are and deriding the opinion of others who don't have the exact same world view they do. You aren't paid to be doublefines supplicant publicity officers, so you're better off providing solutions or just not posting at all imho. Its analogous to locking your front door or not, unfortunately theives exists, if u wanna live on the internet you just have to accept that locking the doors is your only option if being robbed is something that concerns you. Sure you might not have had to in "the good old days" but that's just the way it is unfortunately.
  3. Not sure the tin foil is required here but if you're set on it add this to your hosts file www.google-analytics.com google-analytics.com ssl.google-analytics.com There may be more than that but its a start, there's also a few premade host files out there in internet land u can copy and paste that'll block every tracking and advertising service around if you're super keen
  4. While I felt it was a little short mostly because it just sucked me in for 4 straight hours that seemed to fly by, I thoroughly enjoyed the first act. My favourite part was probably the knifes "escape" & reaction reminiscent of Murray from later Monkey islands so i hope he's back in part 2 somehow, that and the rather juvenile "stool" jokes My least favourite thing would be pretty subjective but I found the art to be a bit erratic not only in style but also quality but more so the animations especially towards the finale the monsters death etc seemed to me to be unfinished or at least unpolished. I also think i wouldn't have enjoyed it at much had i not done Shay's half first as I feel i MAY have guessed what was going on the other way round so it was a nice surprise to really be taken by the ending twist.
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