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  1. Disappointed me too! I was convinced that every characters story could be finished ‘nicely’ as long as you had the correct companion in your team, and that you’d have to work out the perfect team(s) of three to get the best game ending. Would have been sweet! Gutted when that Dragon got out anyway. Cheers Nod
  2. I love the Dizzy games, and now - Dizzy Returns! Kickstarter now live. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theolivertwins/dizzy-returns Cheers Nod
  3. Dizzy Returns! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theolivertwins/dizzy-returns I'm Happy Nod
  4. Just finished playing both of these for the first time. Really enjoyed Myst a lot however wasn't so keen on Riven for some reason, think I just found the movement system jarred with the realistic graphics. Didn't notice/mind it as much with Myst, probably because of the older graphics. Some killer puzzles in both though. Should be more 'sound' puzzles in all adventure games! Cheers Nod
  5. Personally I wouldn't want it to be mandatory but do enjoy when a second player can help out (e.g. Ico, Mario Galaxy). Potentially difficult when multi platform though?
  6. The 'extras' in Botanicula were kind of like this? Cool stuff happening away from main puzzle solving. And yes, plenty of this in DFA please.
  7. Is BS4 really that bad? Worse than BS3?? Recently bought the Quadrilogy pack for PC, mainly to replay 1 and 2 then give 2.5 a go. After that thought I'd give 4 a go but not so sure now. Played BS3 on PS2 years ago, really hated it and didn't play another "adventure" game for years after. Maybe I'll give it a miss completely.
  8. @castorp Fangamer only sent #11 to people they hate.
  9. Now they've all been found, see here http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7429/ Which is best? Cheers Nod
  10. Couple of interesting articles over at Edge: - http://www.edge-online.com/news/broken-sword-serpent’s-curse-launches-kickstarter http://www.edge-online.com/news/biggest-thirdparty-publisher-wanted-broken-sword-5 Cheers Nod
  11. Damn, that's the same as mine (@Lactose). Convinced myself it was same as #25 but not so sure now!
  12. Came on here to ask the same thing! Would be great. Supposedly you can do this in ScummVM but not tried it out yet. Cheers Nod
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