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  1. I fully agree with a celeb not being needed. AF is about the DF crew getting out there with their creative ideas and making some of those happen. :-) I love AF so much. I really hope ot comes back.
  2. Maybe they are. I just know that I would like to see what happens in between Tim and Jenova's sensibilities. :-)
  3. I think it would be fun to see Graham Annable come back for a moment. Love me some Puzzle Agent and Coraline. I think he would make some interesting picks. I think his sensibilities very much fit DF's. From the game world peopæe such as Lucas Pope or Jason Rohrer or Jonathan Blow or Jenova Chen. Their sensibilities seem different from DF's, but that could also lead to interesting choices.
  4. Great Job Guys!

    I am playing it right now and loving it. Great job on what is one of the most significant games of my gaming life. I'm old'ish and played this first, when I was a kid and it's one of the most important games to me. Ever. You did a great job with it. Congrats.
  5. So excited for this. Probably the favorite game of my childhood. :-D
  6. Public. I am super happy with what I have been given as a backer. I don't see any extra value for me in keeping these forums private. Invite everyone I say! :-D
  7. Big night. Zero sleep. :-) I really hope this does well for DF. I am super excited to play it myself. :-D
  8. I am changing my answer from Steed (an idea that I absolutely love) to, an idea that I absolutely love, Discworld 3. In memory of Sir Terry Pratchett who recently passed away. I played Discworld 1 and 2 growing up and love that world. I always thought that Tim and Terry's sensibilities where very closely aligned and that Tim could write a great Discworld game. My fictional $10 mio now goes to Discworld 3. EDIT: And since they are fictional I also got $10 mio for Steed. :-D
  9. I would throw that at the Steed project. That idea has geniune AAA potential. $10 mio might not exactly get it to AAA, but I'm sure that it would help.
  10. Pretty please, consider it. :-) http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/6/8162949/loom-sequel-telltale-double-fine-wadjet-eye
  11. I hope it's Steed, because that is such an appealing idea. The idea feels so much like a DF game in both it's overall spirit and also the buddy comedy potential it has . Maybe with a publisher because that game could be a Large project if it's open world like the idea looked in AF. I would love if DF found a good way to scale it down, so it could stay completely in-house and maybe instead have a go at DLC (which I personally don't hate, it's all about pricing things correctly). Agile game releasing. :-)
  12. Dev's Play

    Yes, please. :-) My personal favorite was the Doom w Romero episode. I always wanted to hear about Level Design from the designers themselves. Especially it's reflections on lessons learned while doing actual levels than theoretical generalisations. The Doom playthrough is just full of interesting comments on the Doom level design. It's fantastic. It works especially well for a game that is more "player skill"-based as opposed to "character build"-based. Hope there will be more. Commander Keen w Romero? :-D
  13. I followed AF2012 and AF2014 and they are some of my favorite things to watch during the year. I can't help myself. I must ask. And I know I am asking early, buuut... is AF back in 2015? There's clrealy alot going on at DF already (so many idea's from AF turn into fully fledged projects), so it may not be feasable due to the project backlog alone. Still. It would be really exciting. :-)
  14. I think the reality of creative work is, that it's hard to finance and sales will sometime dissappoint. Personally I loved Broken Age part 1. No other company could have done it, so I am greatly appreciative of the effort of everyone from Double Fine. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will get that massive hit. I do my part by buying all those awesome, interesting games. :-)
  15. HEY please inspire us with weird games

    It'd be hilarious to see a livestream of you guys playing if you can get hold of it. http://games.ucla.edu/game/perfect-woman/